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Pablo Picasso and Gertrude Stein: Relationship

Painting is one of the arts that has helped preserve the history of people. Paintings communicate a lot of things from politics, romance, culture, as well as, other facets of life. Pablo Picasso is one painter whose work has stood for years in telling a lot about history. Lived in the years 1881 to 1973 Pablo Picasso was a painter with a Spanish origin. Among other things he was a sculptor, playwright and poet this paper delves into Picasso’s work of art, its significance, and most importantly, his relationship with Gertrude Stein.
Gertrude Stein was a poet, playwright and novelist of the American origin who lived between 1874 and 1946. Stein had a passion for modern art and would support many upcoming artists. Pablo Picasso is one of the upcoming artists that benefited from Stein’s helping hand. In 1905 the first Picasso’s work of art found its way to Gertrude Stein’s salon. The painting was a conventional nude girl who held a basket of flowers. This painting always caused friction in Stein’s household since her brother Leo loved the painting while Stein hated it. She was put off by the drawing of the feet and legs, causing her to repel the drawing. The love for the piece grew in Stein, which marked the start of a long journey of private acquisition of Picasso’s work of art. This was at a time when no one was interested in Picasso’s work. Consequently, Stein played a critical role in developing Picasso’s artistic career and had she not stepped in handy. While the painting of the young girl with a basket of flowers was the start of Picasso’s collection, the same also played a critical role in sparking friendship between Picasso and Stein. Despite their differences in the native language, they had a deep understanding of each other as far as modernism and art was concerned. Between the years 1905 and 1906 Picasso painted Stein’s portrait in his studio after about ninety sittings, however, Stein felt that the painting did not resemble her at all. Picasso shrugged on the matter noting that someday she would look like it. This painting remain the most famous that Picasso ever painted (FitzGerald).
By applying a primitive style, Picasso was able to complete Gertrude’s portrait after a long break when she had gone to Spain. He did it so excellently, that he challenged the traditional painting. In that portrait, he was able to depict the woman as she really was and not just the physical appearance. Later in her book on Pablo, Stein notes that she was satisfied with the portrait because it was her (Harris and Zucker). Through the application of the primitive forms, which he and Stein had come to explore as a powerful tool of communication in art, hence developing new ways of communication whose significance was unquestionable in the modern era. The application of the primitive styles that went beyond the representation of a person’s physical appearance marked Picasso’s unique style in Gertrude Stein’s portrait (Stein).
Since the two had an unquenchable thirst for modernism in art, it made them possible to quickly connect and build a thriving friendship. This made Stein to keep Picasso’s collection of paintings despite the fact that no one else was interested in his work then. It is this friendship that also allowed Stein o stay for the many sittings as Picasso tried to get the perfect portrait of her. Though it took a lo0ng while, it was instrumental in pushing him to perfect his skills.

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Modern or Contemporary Research Topic for HUM 1020: Final Paper
This assignment is designed to move you forward in selecting a topic for your power point presentation which will be due later in the term. (see calendar). I am a strong advocate of planning and setting goals so this is why I have made this assignment well in advance of the final paper’s due date. This assignment will include: (a) browsing chapters 14-15, (b) selecting a topic, (c) writing a descriptive paragraph (abstract) and (d) citing three references. See pp. 3-4 for an example of what the submission should look like. Once you’ve completed this assignment, submit your assignment in class.
(a) Browse both chapters 14 and 15 in Sayre’s Discovering the Humanities, pp. 447-519.

(b) Select a topic for research from pp. 447-519. Read examples 1-4. This should give you an idea of how to approach a topic.

(c) Write a descriptive paragraph (abstract). You may pattern your paragraphs after the 4 examples below:

Research Topic – Pablo Picasso and Gertrude Stein: Their Relationship
Example 1: According to Sayre (2016, p. 453), Pablo Picasso painted a portrait titled Gertrude Stein in 1906. I have learned that Gertrude posed for the portrait 90 times before it was finished. I am definitely interested in knowing more about the relationship of Picasso and Gertrude Stein. My research topic is titled Pablo Picasso and Gertrude Stein: Their Relationship. In my paper I will research Pablo Picasso and seek his significance and the artistic approaches he used in art. I will research Gertrude Stein and seek her significance. I will pose questions: “Why was Gertrude Stein important?” “Why was Picasso interested in painting her?” “What was their relationship?” “Why is this painting important today?” “How does this work of art compare to other paintings by Picasso?”

Research Topic – Freud’s Influence on the Surrealists.
Example 2: According to Sayre (2016, p. 474), Freud studied and wrote theories on “the nature of the human psyche and its subconscious functions.” Eventually, doctors used some of Freud’s psychoanalytic techniques in dealing with traumatized survivors of World War 1. Freud further placed emphasis on dreams and “concluded that dreams allow unconscious wishes, desires, and drives censored by the conscious mind to exercise themselves” (p. 474). Freud’s techniques were picked up by a group of artists known as the Surrealists (pp. 474-478). I am definitely interested in knowing more about the relationship of Freud’s studies and the Surrealists. My research topic is Freud’s Influence on the Surrealists. I will research Freud and seek more information about his theories. I will research some of the Surrealists and attempt to find Freud’s influences found in their works. Since I’m in the early stages of planning I have the option to narrow my topic as I move through the study. While Sayre addresses Picasso, Dali and Miro in the discussion of Surrealist painters I may choose to write on Dali only when addressing Freud’s influences. I will pose questions: “What type of literature remains today that chronicles Freud’s studies?” “How did Freud’s studies of the subconscious influence 20th century artists?” “How does the work of the Surrealist painters reflect a free play of the subconscious?” “What are the works of art that best reflect the subconscious?” Referencing to Sayre’s text, I know one work I’m going to research is Dali’s signature work titled The Persistence of Memory, 1931.

Research Topic – Winds of Change Found in Music
Example 3. According to Sayre (2016, p. 496-506), the U.S. experienced winds of change in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s which extends to current contemporary issues today. Changes included the civil rights movement, the Viet Nam War, and the feminist movement. My inquiry in researching this topic deals with the connections found in the three movements and how it impacted music. I plan to research music during the 1950s, 1960s and the 1970s that reflected the winds of change through finding song titles and lyrics reflective of the time periods so my research topic is Winds of Change Found in Music: 1950s-1970s. My plans are to introduce each movement and address the significance of each. I will plan to follow up with a discussion of music titles and supporting lyrics. I plan to ask the following questions: “What was the significance of each movement in U.S. history?” “How did each movement impact music?” How did each movement impact the nation as a whole?” In conclusion, what role did music play in conveying the issues?”

Research Topic – Frank Gehry: An Architect with a New Outlook
Example 4. The word “contemporary” means “happening or existing at the same time” according to Webster’s New World College Dictionary (2005, p. 314). I am asserting myself and researching contemporary architectural styles. According to Sayre, (2016, pp. 506-507), Frank Gehry is currently using contemporary building materials and designs to create a new look, one often referenced to as “postmodern.” My contemporary topic for this research is Frank Gehry: An Architect with a New Outlook. My plans are to research the history of Frank Gehry and 3 buildings he has constructed to date. I will provide a history of Frank Gehry and address each building through discussion. I plan to ask the following questions: “Where did Frank Gehry attend architectural school?” “Did Frank Gehry seek other architects for inspiration or mentoring?” “Where (in what country) are most of his buildings found today?” “What are his signature buildings?” “How does he approach the use of building materials when designing a building?”

(d) After selecting a topic and writing a descriptive paragraph, find three references and place them at the bottom of the page using MLA format that support your research. Later, when you create your ppt. presentation you may find you no longer need one of the referenced works. This is fine! You may add as many references as possible, but for now, cite three references. This will confirm you have put some thought into your selection. Use your references to aid in writing your descriptive paragraph (abstract).

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