Human Rights: Righting Wrongs

Human Rights: Righting Wrongs

Human Rights: Righting Wrongs

Format MLA

Volume of 5 pages (1375 words)
Assignment type : Essay

Write an essay analysing and evaluating (criticising) the attached reading.
Elements to be included in your third essay are:
• a summary and explanation of the assigned reading
• an analysis of the issue(s) or the problem(s) that are examined in the reading
• an evaluative argument that defends your criticism of the reading


Other issues to consider:
• The bullet points above do not represent distinct premises.
• Depending on the topic under discussion, your evaluative argument may include different types of evaluations. To develop a strong evaluation, be prepared to explain your evaluative criterion(ia).
• Since this essay is a critical evaluation, you should take extra care to ensure that your thesis statement is also evaluative. Remember that your thesis statement does not have to be a total acceptance or a total rejection. You can have a qualified thesis, but remember to be explicit about what you accept and reject.
• To develop the breadth and depth of your response you might consider including a contrary discussion within your essay. Your brainstorming analysis should be able to provide these differing perspectives.
• Since your criticism will require you to quote from the article, you must include a proper citation and bibliographic style. The MLA, APA, or CSE formats are suitable for this essay.

Specific Instructions:
• Include your Brainstorming Analysis and Essay Outline with your Final Essay

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