Human geography Research essay

Human geography Research essay

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Discipline Geography

Assignment type : Research Paper 


Topic • Housing as a commodity and universal right

Page length: 4-5 pages of written text (1000-1250 words) not including appendix (if applicable) or bibliography. Papers exceeding the page length will only be graded up to the page limit (i.e. if you hand in a 6 page paper, your grade will be based on the first 5 pages). Graphics (charts, tables, maps) if applicable should be placed in an appendix following the paper and should be numbered appropriately. Everything that appears as part of your appendix should be referenced in your paper, i.e.: (Figure 1). Everything that appears in your bibliography must be properly cited in your paper.

Format: Assignments must be double spaced, 12 pt, in Times New Roman, with 1” margins all around.

Sources: Students must include at least 4 academic sources (journal articles or academic books) in their assignment and make reference to appropriate additional material (i.e. policy material, reports, newspaper or magazine articles). Refrain from using Wikipedia as a source in your paper. Your textbook can count as one academic source. You must include a bibliography which lists all sources used in the body of your paper in alphabetical order in the APA referencing style. All sources appearing in the bibliography must be cited in text

Format MLA

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Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

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