Healthcare Policies

Healthcare Policies

Field: Business Finance – Operations Management

This is a 2 part assignment.

The discussion of 350 words is due in 24 hours on 12/11/2017 by 9pm CST.  The larger assignment is due in 48 hours on 12/12/2017 by 9pm CST.


 Discuss the necessity of rulemaking and the role that interest groups play in it.


Review the following report at:

Using this Congressional Report for members of Congress and your textbook, write a 5-page memorandum/paper on the topic of rulemaking.

You are a summer intern with Harry Smith, a Congressman from your home district. He has to advise his congressional committee on the impact of interest groups on legislation. Write the memorandum to explain the purpose and influence on rulemaking in the operation of the legislation. You should offer suggestions on the importance of the implementation phase of the legislation.

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