Guns on Campus

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Guns on Campus 

 The third paper in this course will be an Inquiry Essay. The subject of this essay will be the issue that you have chosen for your final project. The finished essay should be 8-10 pages in length; it should be produced in APA format, including a cover page, a reference page and an abstract. (The cover page and reference page do not count as part of the length.) Your research needs to be based on the evaluation of a minimum of 7 academic peer reviewed sources. *I WILL PROVIDE THE ONLY SOURCES TO BE USED*** Part 1             Your paper should begin with a description of your inquiry; what is your issue? What do you hope to find? Next, assess arguments and other discourse that relates to your issue. Make sure you seek out sources that differ with your opinion as well as those that agree with your position. (This will be of special importance later for your final project). As you read through the sources you are analyzing don’t forget to consider the following: Consider the rhetorical context of the article—what part does that play in the author’s argument? Talk about what was and was not sound about the argument. How and why did that argument influence your initial opinion Part 2       The second part of your paper should include a discussion about how your initial ideas were strengthened or changed by what you read. Did you encounter a well-developed argument that took a position different from your own? How did you react? Did any of the articles force you to change your opinion? Style To produce a quality paper you will need to quote and paraphrase your sources. Follow the guidelines for citing sources and be specific in your quotations and paraphrases. That is, don’t use generalized quotes, but select a specific part of an argument that relates to what you are talking about and be sure to set up and assess the quotation or paraphrase. The point of the paper is, to show how your research inquiry strengthened, or changed your initial opinions and to explain why, and anything that doesn’t contribute significantly and directly to this end should not be in the final draft of your paper. This discussion of the effect the reading had on your opinion should also be summarized as part of your conclusion.

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