Final Project Presentation. (CHINA, MONGOLIA, FINLAND)

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Final Project Presentation. (CHINA, MONGOLIA, FINLAND).

Directions: For this final presentation, create a PowerPoint presentation which includes information about each of your three chosen countries (CHINA, FINLAND, MONGOLIA). First, describe your selection process for each country. Second, present your choice (or choices) of country for future expansion by your company. If you have found that none of the three countries are a good fit, you can make a case for that as well. That is the whole purpose of the due diligence process is to research so you can make and back up those educated decisions. (IN THIS SECTION YOU CAN WRITE YOUR OPINION, WE DID NOT CHOOSE COMPANY SO IT IS UP TO YOU THESE THREE COUNTRY CAN FIT TO YOUR COMPNAY OR NOT.) This should be presented as a professional presentation for senior management. What you would say during the presentation should be written out in the notes section at the bottom of each slide. (They will be listening to what you say in the presentation while they are looking at your slides. You do not want them to have to read your data.) You will have your slides, each with what you are going to say at the bottom in the notes section. There should to be citations in the notes part, but not on the slides themselves. You do not have to speak them either. It is a reference point. The references would all be listed on slides at the end of the presentation. Remember what your assignment is also. You have been doing the due diligence of three countries for the best fit for your company to expand. Make sure you indicate what that choice is and how you came to that decision. The information should come from the five milestone projects you have created. You must have a title slide and reference slides at the end. You would not put citations on the slides, but into the notes area. There is not a set number of slides which are required, but remember you are presenting to your senior management. You want to impress them with enough slides to get your points across, but not overload them. This is a high level presentation, so you are going to want to stick with what you found and how you came to your conclusions. Final Project Presentation Rubric: Covers topic in-depth with details and examples. Subject knowledge is excellent. Notes were well-written with a smooth delivery that holds audience attention. Makes excellent use of font, color, graphics, effects, etc. to enhance the presentation. Source information collected for all graphics, facts and quotes. All documented in APA (6th edition) A level of critical thinking that exceeds expectations; strong/convincing logic with no errors  

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