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Final paper

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The big thing here is the Hidden History Project, so let’s work through that for a bit. First off, it is important to remember that there are certain requirements for the project beyond just writing a kick-butt paper. The project is worth 100 points, but only 70 of that is content. The other points come from an underlined topic sentence (PLEASE DON’T FORGET THIS!!!), an abstract, grammar and professionalism (including using APA formatting), and also a citation page listing at least SEVEN sources. This equals 30 points, so please pay attention to the details on this assignment. As far as content goes, if the paper is less than three pages, no matter how good it is, you will lose points, as it is virtually impossible to fulfill the requirements of the assignment in so little space. People also tend to lose points for not clearly sticking to one topic. Rambling back and forth between three or four different topics or ideas will not help! Please pay attention to this so that you aren t focusing on an issue that is relevant to the class but doing so in a manner that takes the subject outside of the class. Stick to the time and place of the class. And finally, and most importantly, please pick something you are interested in!!! If you really love snakes, than find a way to work that into your paper! If you love science or rivers or religion, or whatever, find a way to work that in. If you are interested in this assignment, you will do a better job and will get a better grade and maybe, just maybe, it might turn out to be a meaningful experience that helps you become a better student, employee, and person in the future. But no pressure! If you need help with any of this, as always, let me know

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