Executive Summary

Executive Summary


Assessment 5

Castle’s Family Restaurant: HR Assessment

Group 3

Coreen Bowser

Mardrice Doctor

Nely Escobar

Paula Gower

Kristen Griggs

Chanisa Hobson

Ladessa Sanchez

Francisco Valle

DeVry University

November 4, 2017, 2017


The Castle family owns eight family style restaurants located in San Francisco, California. Jay Morgan is the operation manager who also has the responsibilities of a Human Resources manager. He uses a manual system for payroll, but wants to find alternative ways to save time and money. Each week, Mr. Morgan travels to each location, which takes a toll on him in gas and traveling costs. By assessing the family business and identifying its HR problems, it will allow us to provide an overview on which HRIS application would be the right for the restaurant. These solutions will offer an effective and efficient operation of business for Mr. Morgan to work in.


The restaurant chain has eight restaurants with 300- 340 employees. With approximately 40% of their employees being full time, it adds more to the HR tasks because most of its employees are part-time. This restaurant is not a franchise, but a small family owned business that doesn’t have HR personal. Mr. Jay Morgan, oversees the daily running of the restaurants. Mr. Morgan is currently both HR and operations manager for all restaurants. Time and money are consumed manually completing HR duties. The increase in gasoline costs, effects Mr. Morgan’s ability to travel back in forth each week to recruit, interview, hire, create schedules, administer payroll, and answer employee questions. The employees have become disgruntled, which has led to complaints and a high-turnover rate. Mr. Morgan is considering shifting to an automated system, to input information more efficiently.


Inputting information manually cost a lot in terms of time and resources. Performing the duties of operations and HR manager, Mr. Morgan is spending most of his time traveling each week between the eight restaurants for recruiting, hiring, scheduling, performing payroll functions, and answering employee questions. This leaves little time for training and developing the employees, which causes the restaurant to have high employee turnover. Automating HR tasks would be ideal for Castle’s restaurant being a small family owned restaurant. To assist with the recruiting and hiring process, we also suggest implementing workforce management software. This software will help in the hiring process, allowing online application to include uploading resumes. To become more efficient Mr. Morgan should implement a more technology base operation.


Mr. Morgan spends the bulk of his time processing payroll for about 300-340 employees. He manually inputs information into an excel spreadsheet, creating weekly schedules and making changes that could lead to costly mistakes. An automated system would help him track employee hours and pay. The software system will allow him to import employee hours into payroll which will help calculate the hours worked. Time and money will be saved through automation calculating employee payroll. Mr. Morgan can link all eight restaurants and HRIS will assist with recording and recruiting allowing the restaurants to avoid costly errors. Also, small businesses benefit from backup automation and recovery software to avoid risk. Another

benefit of the software is tip reporting. According to Alan Li of Small Business Chron (2016), restaurants now have the responsibility of reporting employee tips so it can be taxed. There is software that can be used for both payroll calculation and tips reporting. With this software, it can be automated to help calculate payroll making it easier for managers to enter payroll into their databases. Information can be searched and saved, which would waste time if manually done (Li, 2016). Managers must ensure that the right information is entered into the software, any incorrect data can lead to an inaccurate payroll. Payroll software can also be used for direct depositing paychecks into employee’s bank accounts.


The Castle Family Restaurant can use an automating HR task. By automating payroll time money is saved, errors are reduced, payments, and records are within state and federal regulations. There would be no more time and money wasted traveling between locations and no more excel spreadsheets. Mr. Morgan could allocate time for training and employees could feel more connected.


Li, A., (2016). Automating HR functions for restaurants Retrieved from http://smallbusiness .chron.com/automating-hr-functions-restaurants-38149.html

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