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Short Story Essay Topics

  • Upload your essay to by or before Friday, December 8 11:59pm.
  • This essay should be 750-1000 words. Do not go under or beyond this limit.
  • In grading your papers, I will look at:

1) Proper essay structure, grammar and phrasing (key for a decent grade)

2) Organization, clarity, and appropriate content

3) Topic development (use of quotes, specific details and examples and MLA).

  • Use at least two quotes per body paragraph (MLA format).
  • Be sure to mention the name of the author and the short story in your introduction.
  • Very important: do not simply summarize the story. Be sure to analyze the significance of specific details in the story.

**Since I am posting the essay topics in advance, I will not accept late papers unless you have valid documentation excusing you from submitting the essay on time.

Using proper essay format (intro., body, and conclusion), choose one of the topics below and write an essay:

  1. In “Borders,” Mel, the man who works at the Duty Free store, states that the mother is “an inspiration to us all” (King 302). Is this an accurate depiction of the mother? Is she an inspiration? If so, why? Some might see her as being a troublemaker or foolishly stubborn; others might see her as wise and strong. Provide specific details from the story to back up your view. Very important: even though you are expressing your opinion, remember to not use the word “I,” “me,” or “my” in your essay.
  2. Examine the main character in “The Yellow Sweater.” At the beginning of the story, he looks in the mirror and like what he sess. By the end of the story, however, he looks in the mirror again and no longer views himself positively. Focus on how he initially 1) views himself at the beginning of the story and 2) how his view of himself changes by the end of the story. Why did he initially view himself the way he did and what led him to change his view of himself by the end of the story? Refer to specific details in the story to back up your views. (2 body paragraphs)
  3. I suspect Shirley Jackson received hate mail when she initially published “The Lottery” because she pointed out the uglier side of human nature. Refer to two aspects of human nature that Jackson depicts in “The Lottery.” Provide examples from the story to back up your views. (2 body paragraphs)
  4. There are quite a few instances of irony in “The Lottery.” Choose 2-3 examples and analyze them in detail.
  5. In “The Story in an Hour,” Kate Chopin uses imagery to highlight the transformation the main character is going through. Write one paragraph analyzing Mrs. Mallard’s initial state after she learns of her husband’s death. Focus particularly on the strong language used to describe her anguish and grief. In the second body paragraph, highlight the imagery that the author uses. How does this imagery mirror the emotional changes going on within the main character?
  6. In “The Story of an Hour,” Kate Chopin highlights how constraining marriage could be for women. In your first paragraph, examine how Mrs. Mallard felt about life as a wife? In what ways was it limiting for her? Analyze the language she uses. In your second paragraph, examine how Mrs. Mallard feels about no longer being married? Why does she view it as a liberating situation to be in?

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