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 The issue is that individuals who have allergies are putting their lives at risk because they cant afford their prescriptions such as epipen. People who are affected are individuals with allergies as well as family members because if these patients don’t have access to the drug they can die. The main cause to this is insurance greed because the cost of the epipen has become too expensive to afford. The price has raised 450%. The solution can be universal healthcare or selling it cheaper like before. Legislative targets can be the government or san Diego county. You will need to use two data sources one is the policy itself, and the other is Legislative Data. Citations from the professional literature, relevant data, web sites, or key informants. For all specific facts you include, provide citations. For example, if you suggest that certain numbers of people will be affected in certain ways, or the policy will save or cost a certain amount of money (even estimates), provide citations. The policy may be enacted or proposed legislation (e.g., already introduced into the legislature but not passed); an executive order; or a proposal by a politician, political party, or advocacy organization. This assignment is written as if the policy is proposed, but you may be analyzing an existing policy. For legislative policy, the policy may be an entire piece of legislation, but may also be only the section of the bill you are analyzing. For a complex policy, a portion of the full policy may be sufficient.  Executive Summary of one paragraph (single-spaced) which summarizes the main points of the paper NEEDS to be included. Include a brief synopsis of the policy, the major points made in the analysis, and your recommendation. The Social Problem and Target Population ALL THESE QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED. What problems or conditions are the policy designed to ameliorate, resolve, or improve? Describe characteristics of the target population for this policy. What theories about the causes of this problem are most relevant? Use national, state, or local data as appropriate to describe the extent of the problem

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