Employees Co-Create Climate

Employees Co-Create Climate


Discussion topic:

After reading the lecture – See attachment.

As you have seen, employees often see themselves as passive recipients of climate, as if it’s something that is handed down to them by the organization. But the reality is that employees co-create climate.


Create a post in which you comment on this.

What do you think leaders can do to help employees see that they are co-creators of the climate that exists, and that they have a part to play in improving it?

Share an insight about what you learned from lecture (Note: This may be a great opportunity to help you think about passions you share with your colleagues


Offer an example from your experience or observation that validates what your colleague discussed.


Offer specific experiences that will help you build upon as a leader.


Offer further assessment from having read your colleague’s post that could impact a leader’s effectiveness.

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