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Psy 2110: Paper 2 Assignment Sheet

You are designing and getting ready to run an experiment (“Project 2”) as part of this course. You will present the project as a group poster (instructions for posters will be provided separately). You will also be writing your own empirical research report based on that experiment. The paper will be individually written- if you copy from or share substantially with your group members, you will not get credit for the paper and may get in trouble for plagiarism. So, really, you should do all your writing on your own.

The paper for Project 2 is quite similar to the paper for Project 1. Use your Paper 1 (and the comments your lab instructor gave you on it) as a basic model for Paper 2. You will need new (different than Paper 1) literature to use for article summaries, and there will be four summaries in this paper (ideally, two articles relevant to each of your IVs). Otherwise, it will contain the same sections as Paper 1. Specifically, your final Paper 2 will include the following sections as in Paper 1:

  1. An abstract, including a hypothesis, method, subject information, results, and conclusion.
  2. An introduction, with paragraphs that introduce the topic, summarize four relevant research articles, and state your prediction.
  3. A method section, with subsections describing the participants, materials and procedure of your study.
  4. The results, including descriptive and inferential statistics.
  5. A discussion of how your results relate to your hypothesis, to past research, and extensions and improvements to the study, along with a final conclusion paragraph.

You will also have a figure with your paper, and you will learn how to make one in lab. You can use the figure from your poster if you are happy with it (yes, everyone in the group can share it). But sometimes you will know that you could make a better graph than the one your group put on the poster, so you can re-do it if you would like.

As for Paper 1, Paper 2 will be graded on the content of the above sections as well as your writing and your use of APA formatting.

  • You should aim to communicate this project as your own; your role in writing will be as the researcher who designed and conducted the study.
  • Your audience is other psychologists, as if this would be published in a journal (i.e., do not write as if it is a class paper for your professor or lab instructor to read).
  • It is appropriate to treat your write up of this study as if this is truly a novel contribution to the literature, not just a class exercise.
  • In terms of writing style, clarity is the most important goal. You will need to use some psychological jargon, but the paper should also sound like you (i.e., don’t worry about sounding like a scientist!).
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of pages. This is realistic; many journals have a maximum length, but none have a minimum. You will need to clearly explain everything the reader needs to understand your project, but need to do that as succinctly as possible.

You will be doing a peer review of another student’s paper (and they will review yours), and you are required to turn in the peer-reviewed draft along with your final paper. I also encourage you to submit a draft to your lab instructor and to meet with a writing fellow for feedback before the final draft is submitted- be sure to do that early and not at the last minute.

You can start writing your Paper 2 now! You know the topic, so the introduction section can be in progress. You also know how to make a title page and references section, and how to format the whole document, so start those now. Soon, you will know the materials and procedure you are going to use, and then you can draft the method section. You are encouraged to keep a log (journal) of your writing process for the entire paper. This is intended to motivate you to do the work in smaller chunks, spread over a longer period of time. It will also help the instructors see what your usual writing process is in case you come to us for help at some point.

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