Electronic Health Record

Question 1 Prepare a report ( minimum ten pages double-spaced in word document) – Make sure to check for word selection and usage, spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Multiple sources should be correctly cited.


Use the following sub heading below as guideline for the topic Electronic Health Record(HER)


· Identify a technology that is having an impact on the healthcare organizations


· Describe why the technology is important and how it affects businesses or individuals


· A detailed explanation of how the technology works


· An assessment of the technology development trajectory (how its functionality is changing) and how we would expect to see the technology development in the next few years


· How the technology may impact the structure of the healthcare industry or how it could be integrated into an existing business or work processes


· A list identifying who the key players are, and what technology development strategies they are pursuing


· Real-world examples of healthcare organizations using the technology and how they are benefiting



Question 2 Prepare a presentation with a minimum of ten slides on EHR using the above subheadings to create the PowerPoint slides.

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