A Dress Shouldn’t Cost A Childhood – Sweatshop Dream-makers

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A Dress Shouldn’t Cost A Childhood – Sweatshop Dream-makers

Please analyze about the advertisement. and how it relates to the social issue of child labor. Please write a clear thesis Points: – bring up the distance of viewing the ad(far away it seems very natural, looking more like a fashion ad for some kind of brand of clothes or makeup and such, but close up it seems to be very out of place, and when looking over the ad, the viewer would be surprised by the ad because of the appearance of the child) – talk about the idea of black and white stripped dress resembling the jailing clothes that is typically shown as criminals. and how this reflects onto us human being a criminal to the these children who are victims to child labor. We who destroyed their dreams – analyze the difference of positioning of the hands and arms of the women and the child. The women is very confident, seems to be ready to strut down the streets while the child seems to be unsure and lost little lamb and scared of the outside world. Conclusion: Bring up the absurd reality of how in this ad the women is white while the child hiding in the background is black. This is also a racism issue, since it seems to me that what the ad is also trying to convey is the stereotypical thought of how colored race is always the one that is poor and would be likely to offer child labor to the neighborhood.

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