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Discipline Marketing

Assignment type : Reports


Final Project

For this project, use an existing product and develop a new marketing plan for it.

Choose one of your favorite brands so that you are very familiar and interested in the

product and the industry, would have fun marketing and researching it and can easily

research it (much public information available on the internet).

You are acting as a marketing consultant group, hired by the existing company, to

develop a new marketing plan. Provide your analysis and recommendations according

to the outline below. You’ll notice that the outline conforms to each of the

topics/chapters in the textbook. Your textbook should be the main reference for the

paper, but you should also do additional research. The most important point is to

directly use concepts from the textbook. Do your own analysis and elaborate on the

concepts in your own words to explain why you are making these recommendations.

You do not need to change everything about the company’s current marketing. There

may be aspects that you like and that you think they should continue. In those cases,

explain what they are doing, how it relates to the concepts in the textbook, and why they

should continue the practice or strategy.

The paper should be structured to cover the following. All numbered bullets must be

covered. Sub-bullets under each of the 4 Ps are suggestions and can vary based on

what is most important to your plan. Feel free to include others not listed below but

included in the textbook if appropriate. You will also prepare a presentation and present

your plan to the class.

  1. An introduction
  2. An analysis of the environment (as described in Chapter 3)
  3. An analysis of consumer behavior and market segmentation (Chapters 4, 5, 6)
  4. A discussion of the product/service (Chapter 9, 10)

 Quality of the product/service

 Branding

 Packaging and labeling

 Product life cycle

  1. A discussion of place (Chapters 11, 12, 13)

 Channel of distribution

 Inventory levels

 Storage

 Transportation

  1. A discussion of promotion (Chapter 14, 15, 16)

 Advertising objectives

 Promotional mix

 Product positioning

  1. A discussion of pricing (Chapters 17, 18)

 Pricing objectives

 Price flexibility

 Price levels

 Discount policy

  1. A conclusion

Format MLA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)

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