Different School Models 3 page paper

Different School Models 3 page paper

First Teacher Ms. Harris


solomon elementary




Differentiation for all the students in the classroom, and student’s motivation to always try their best and never give up at school and home.




Modifying and reflecting on my instruction, and trying to


get continued support at home.




Iready. Lexia, and Star are computer programs used to help collect data and monitor the individual needs for students.




All academics are fundamentally important in Kindergartens curriculum. It is the foundation for


continued success in upper grades.




In Kindergarten we are not only teaching academics, but we are trying to teach individual children to be independent and use communication skills to help with a better understanding of everyday life


skills. It is important that students are getting Math and Language Arts, but they also need to be engaged in science, social studies topics, and social skill interactions.




21st century skills allow students to:




Inquire, think critically, and gain






Draw conclusions, make informed decisions, apply


knowledge to new situations, and create new






Share knowledge and participate ethically and


productively as members of our democratic






Pursue personal and aesthetic growth




Our class knows that we are a community and that within that community we work together.  Within our community each student reasoning and opinions matter. Students should feel comfortable in the classroom, and know that I will do my best in getting to know each individual student along with gaining trust from each student. All students are always given an equal opportunity at learning, because I adapt the instruction for each of their academic needs.




Students are active learners and share their thinking with the class during whole group.  Students


ask questions and continue to support their peers with collaborative conversations.




 Common Core Standards are pushed in each grade level with many different forms of testing. Kindergarten is now more focused on academics and meeting standards to get students academically


prepared for future grades.




Making sure all students learning needs are met and implementing a variety of resources in the classroom without having all the resources needed in the classroom. I hope this helps. Have a


good night, and thanks again for all that you signed up for on the gingerbread house activity.

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