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The Position Paper is just that:  It is a paper which takes a position about a particular subject.  You may choose the subject, but you need to get it approved by me.  As such, you will draft a proposal before you begin your essay.  Please see the Position Paper Proposal Assignment and complete it before you go any further on your essay.

Once you have received my approval, you may begin the rest of your paper.

The thesis of your paper should be a statement of your research question which clearly takes a position.  For example, if you researched the question “Should smoking be allowed in public places in the city of Chicago?” and based on your research, the answer is “no,” your thesis might read “Smoking should not be allowed in public places in the city of Chicago.”

The body of your paper should include major research you have done, including both sides of your issue.  It is important to show that you have seen both sides of any major debate.  You may do this by using a counter-argument and rebuttal strategy.  The counter-argument is stating the opposing side’s position.  The rebuttal then is your response to that counter-argument.  Again be sure to include all of your major research.

The conclusion of your paper should re-state (without using exact wording) your research question, summarize your major points, and make some kind of global commentary about the topic.

The paper should be 7-10 pages in length.  It will be typed, double-spaced and use Times New Roman or Arial 12 point font.  You must use a minimum of six outside sources, but remember that this is a research paper which takes a position.  You may NOT use Wikipedia as a source.  Cite your sources in APA format.

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