Courtyard Houses

Courtyard Houses

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This is a research paper for my final thesis proposal. My topic is courtyard houses specifically in the Middle East/Arab countries/Islamic world. My site is In Bahrain (which is in the Middle East). So, please focus on this typology and history and not other cultures or civilizations. I want to explain courtyard houses in the Middle East, what was their function especially culturally, and why they are not used as much anymore. Use at least 6 case studies and explain IN DEPTH. Also, come to the conclusion of contemporary courtyard houses. I will be attaching articles and guidelines. I have written an abstract to let you know in summary what my thesis is about. Also, I will be attaching a bibliography of the articles and books that I want you to use. If you want to use other sources, make sure they are SCHOLARLY, although I don’t think you would need anything more than what I am providing. But some files are not attaching since they’re too large, so I would need to send them by email.

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