The cost of imprising of minors in adult prison

The cost of imprising of minors in adult prison

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Final Paper CJS 300

You task is to engage with a “problem” related to the field of corrections. I want you to think about an issue that interests you, so I am purposefully leaving the topic selection up to you. The only think I ask is that it must be related to corrections. For example, a paper on whether or not police officers should be required to wear body cameras would not qualify because it focuses on policing, not corrections specifically. If you have any questions about whether or not your topic fits the requirements, feel free to send and email and ask.

I am looking for a 7-8 page paper in which you will explain and identify an issue or problem in corrections and then present an idea that you think would make an improvement in this area. I do not expect you to present a solution because many of the problems we discuss in this course are not easily solved. Making small improvements is often hard enough.

-APA Format

-At least 4 sources, two of them academic sources.

You can structure the paper however you think best, but here is a basic example of how it could look.

  1. Introduction (1 Page)

-Grab the reader’s attention with an interesting story, description of event, quote or statistic. Introduce your topic and your intervention towards the end of this section with a thesis statement.

  1. Explanation of problem (2-4 pages)

Describe exactly what issue or problem you are tackling with your paper. Here are some of the questions you should answer in this section: Why is it a problem? What are the root causes of the problem? What are the consequences of it? Who is impacted? How is it measured? Is it something that has emerged recently?…etc.

-This is where you will have to use your sources. Do expect people to just take your word on this, you need to cite sources that back your argument that this is an issue.

  1. Your Intervention

After you have thoroughly explained the problem, now present your idea to improve it. Be creative and be specific here. I don’t want vague, general solutions. Say what you propose to do and why you think that this idea would improve the situation.

  1. Conclusion

Wrap up by restating the case you made in the previous pages.

Format MLA

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