Copyright term paper

Copyright term paper

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Assignment type : Term paper


The goal of your term paper is to explore copyright laws in the United States.

Over the years, the MPAA and the RIAA have ‘gone to war’ against copyright infringement as well as file sharing services (like Napster and Limewire). As a result of their legal actions, how an individual is permitted to use their products has changed dramatically (under the law) over the last few years. As young multimedia developers you are now facing the financial ramifications of users sharing ‘works’ that you have created for free over the internet without your permission.

Remember that this is an opinion piece. While copyright laws are well defined in this country, the law does evolve (change) based on unique challenges to the law. You are free to make arguments for or against different aspects of copyright and even copyright infringement. You will NOT be graded on the legality of your argument, but on the logic and persuasiveness of your argument.


Define the following terms and explain them in your own words:


Fair Use

Public Domain

Provide an argument / opinion either for or against file sharing services. Remember not to focus exclusively on music or movies, but on all files that can be shared over the internet (including software, books, video games, anime, etc…).

Your argument should discuss:

The impact of file sharing on the general public

The impact of file sharing on the creator of the work(s) being shared

As a multimedia developer, express how you feel your argument either for or against file sharing services will impact your ability to receive compensation as well as recognition for your work.

Special Instructions

This is an opinion paper that requires you to choose a side that is either for or against file sharing and make persuasive arguments from that position. File sharing services are a controversial topic because there are strong pros & cons both for and against these types of services, especially as they relate to copyright and intellectual property. DO NOT argue both for and against file sharing services. Pick a side and take a stand!

This paper does not have to accurately reflect your personal heart-felt opinions on file sharing services. This is an academic exercise where you must choose one side or the other and explore arguements from that position.

Paper Formatting Requirements

Microsoft Word Format (.doc or .docx)

12-point, double spaced, Times New Roman

1 Title Page, 3-4 Pages of Content, 1 References page with 3-5 references in proper APA format

Please see the example term paper attached to this assignment. It provides a basic template and APA formatting to help get you started with your own paper.

Format APA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 4 pages (1100 words)

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