Comparative Essay

Comparative Essay

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Assignment type : Research Paper


Weighting: See the Course Syllabus

Format: 6-8 pages, 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, default margins

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The purpose of this comparative essay is to have you explain the ways in which Aboriginal perspectives about land and environmental challenges, and Aboriginal social and cultural challenges, (from Categories A and B), are related. (For example, Aboriginal opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline project can be analyzed in the same breath as the problem of missing and murdered Aboriginal women in Canada). By the end of the course, you will be able to see the connections as clearly residing in colonialism.

Students who completed a Category A research topic (land and environmental challenges) will be required to select from the ‘NATV 1240 Online Journal’ any one research paper from Category B, (social and/or cultural challenges) and vice versa, and write a comparative essay. Do not feel you are limited to basing your new essay only on the research of the student paper you have read, you should also do some of your own research on the alternative topic. This paper is comparative, not of students’ work but rather of the different issues and how they are related. You will collate the historical, economic, cultural, racial, and political facts and insights from both papers to show how the two topics are related.

You will be assessed on your ability to establish connections between both topics as well as on the style, organization, spelling and grammar of your writing.


General Guidelines for the completion of this assignment

Getting started: Browse the ‘NATV 1240 Online Journal’ and choose a research paper from the category opposite your own research paper to work with.

Moving forward: Proper citation and referencing is expected (see reference guidelines below) for all quotes or excerpts from your sources, as well as any of your peer’s insights and quotations that you might use from their research paper. HOWEVER it is needless and lazy to copy-and-paste chunks of text from websites into your essay, even if properly cited and referenced. You must learn to paraphrase. Take the information you learn and work it into what you want to say in your own words.

Continue to pay most attention to how the topics are related, as opposed to using most space to simply summarize each topic. (though of course summaries are needed in the introduction – see below).


Format for the paper

Your essay should have a thorough introduction, a main body, and a conclusion.

Introduction: Give short summaries of the two paper’s findings, along with some initial ideas as to why these the topics should be seen as related – 1.5 to 2 pages.

Main body: Explore more deeply the relatedness of these two topics (i.e., how they both represent aspects of colonialism at work).

Conclusion: Explain why it is important that non-Aboriginal Canadians – both long-standing and new Canadians – should recognize colonialism as a framework for understanding Canada’s history, economy, and tensions between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal Canadians.

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