Communication: MOVIE CRASH(2004) Tommy Hanson

Communication: MOVIE CRASH(2004) Tommy Hanson

Field: English

You are assigned the character Officer Tommy  Hanson (Ryan Phillppe) from the film Crash (2004) to focus your analysis. Using specific examples and observations from the film, explain (to the extent that you can) the following concepts as they pertain to Officer Tommy Hanson.


1) Intersectionality: Consider the variety of cultural groups any one person can belong to, and  how they interact with one another, within the individual.


2) Histories: What social, political, or historical contexts influence this character’s cultural identity ? How might these histories be told? which histories are not being told? and how does this influence their intercultural interactions?


3) Power/ privilege: In what ways do the histories and intersections of the character’s cultural identity give them power? in what ways are they oppressed?


4) Racism/ Discrimination/ Stereotyping: In what way does your character participate in perpetuating or dismantling these compounding concepts? Be sure to define each of the concepts you are using and explain how these behaviors are working within the character’s social/cultural context.


5)Self- Reflexivity: In what ways do you identify with this character, or not from your cultural standpoint? Please fully explain.




1) Due on 13th December 11am.


2) 3-5 pages


3) APA format

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