Communication Ethics Hot Topic Article

Communication Ethics Hot Topic Article


Hot Topic Questions (You must read all the articles and answer all the questions) Read the articles posted by your fellow classmates and respond to their question in a minimum of 150 words. **Be sure to cite the article below only***


The Article:

The Question:  In defining business and professional communications determine whether the chapter’s definition is adequate for this phenomenon.  Against the background of the chapters and the Hot Topic article, how do you process the “historical moment” that gives rise to the public good that has to be protected in the face of these sexual harassment cases?  How are you personally or professionally affected?


The news has been swift and frequent about the disclosures of sexual misconduct by powerful men.  Shock waves are sent into the living rooms about indiscretions of idols, celebrates, and elected officials admitting and denying the allegations made by their victims.  While most of this was tried in the court of public opinion so far, in some case companies have had to make large out-of-court settlements. The pain and hurt, nevertheless, stays with the victims.  This article raises some questions that are by nature related to business and professional communication ethics…in the workplace and is no different in health care.

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