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Discipline Management

Assignment type : Other types


** DEADLINE : 10 HOURS BIG PROJECT Develop a Microsoft Excel application that provides support for decision making. The application must be useful to someone, which means it needs to help someone analyze data and make appropriate decisions based on the data. IT NEEDS TO BE HOW A COLLEGE STUDENT SHOULD MANAGE THEIR MONEY

. Brainstorm ideas and uses for the application. Demonstrate your ability to use Excel by integrating as many features of Excel as feasible. The project must be easy to understand and have a professional appearance. Use comments or provide instructions to help someone use the application.

Select a project that uses some sort of data. This way it will be easier to use charts and graphs and use formulas such as statistical analysis or nested-if statements. You can create your own data, make it up or get it from the Internet. Keep in mind that you should be able to show your project accomplishes managing a healthy lifestyle trying to survive college, and working, paying car payment and saving money.

Minimum Requirements for Excel Features

  • Multiple Sheets
  • IF-Statements
  • Simple functions (such as sum, avg, pmt, fv, stdev, median) – use cell reference where appropriate, including absolute references and references to other sheets
  • At least one chart or graph
  • Attractive appearance – remove background grid (view/show/gridlines), add borders, use color, or

whatever you deem appropriate

  • At least six advanced features (any combination):

o Complex formulas/functions (such as external reference (3-D) formulas, nested-ifs-ands-ors,

sumif(s), averageif(s), countif(s), lookups, date functions, structured references, statistical

functions, or financial functions)

o Sparklines

o Filters

o Pivot Table and/or Pivot Chart

o ConditionalFormatting

o Subtotals

o ScenarioTools(e.g.DataTables) o Hyperlinks

Format MLA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

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