Is College Education Worth it?

Is College Education Worth it?

Format MLA

Volume of 8 pages (2200 words)
Assignment type : Research Paper
Topic: Is College Education worth it?
Essay 3 (8 pages)
Intro: (6 sent)
– Strategy – appropriate/relevant
– Issues – why is it controversial? – 2 or more
– Thesis – a assertion contrastive emphasis
Regulations — Although- in spite of… Introduction regulation…….
1. Expert opinion 2 or more
2. Credible institution
3. Authority figure
4. Citation for a creditable right/document
5. Statistics – credible
6. Instances of the problem (newspaper reports or other reports)

Background: (6-8 sent)
– Research
– History – (when, why, how/what). Evolution (how it was changed; key controversies (what?)
Argues for
– 1 argument per paragraph
– Avoid ‘there is”/there are arguments – avoid vague words + phrases + opinionated statements (Think I believe)
Point argument/claim
– Evidence 1
o – expert opinions, scholars, report, surveys, graph, examples
– Evidence 2
o Same as evidence 1
Integrate evidence – signal phrases
– According to…
– As Riley argues…
– Joe Riley asserts that…
(Citation not included as one of the 8 pages)
1. From online school library
2. The other citation can be from outside of the school library

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