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cold war

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  • Your final project is a research paper, worth 150 points and 40% of your grade. You may not want to save this project for the last minute, as it’s a huge percentage of your grade. Your paper should be at least 6 pages in length, (not including the title page and bibliography), in MLA format, and should include an Annotated Bib with at least five sources. You have a choice of three possible topics. The idea here is that I’d like you to research a topic in American Government that actually interests you. • The Cold War refers to the hostile relationship that developed between the Soviet Union and the United States after WWII. Although the countries had been allies during the War, after hostilities ceased it became clear that the Soviet view of a post-war world was vastly different from that of the United States. Ideological differences were at the heart of the tensions (capitalism versus communism) but there were other major issues at work as well. The United States and the Soviet Union never actually went to war, that is, shots were never fired, but nevertheless the Cold War dominated international affairs for decades.
  • In your research paper, discuss the origins of the Cold War (primarily the differences in ideologies), the principle countries involved (in addition to the United States and the Soviet Union), areas in the world where Cold War tensions escalated (including Cuba, China, Vietnam and Korea), and how and why the Cold War ended. Include a brief discussion of containment, détente and deterrence.

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