Cloud Based Database Solutions

Cloud Based Database Solutions

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1) Define cloud computing and cloud based database solutions.

2) What use cases (applications) are a particular good/ill fit for cloud based database solutions? Explain.

3) Cloud based database solutions support a variety of data store characteristics or data models. Data models define how data is connected to each other and how they are processed and stored in the system (e.g. relational). What data models are supported by cloud based solutions? Is there a data model that encompasses all types of data, e.g. numerical, character, text, graphic or normalizes/converges different data characteristics into one?

4) SQL DDL and DML is the standard database programming and data query language for the majority of DBMS’. Is SQL also the standard interface in cloud based solutions? If yes, explain. If not, what kinds of approaches to data access and query are implemented by cloud database vendors? Provide an example.

5) There are a number of architectural issues associated with database as a cloud service, particularly around the issues of tenancy, data security and data ownership. What are these issues and explain their significance.

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