Clerisy Motives

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Clerisy Motives

The essay should show how model in William Graham Sumner’s “Forgotten Man” passage, the one Required Midterm Essay Structure 7 with characters A, B, C, and D, is used by intellectuals and politicians as moral justifications for attacking free markets and threatening economic growth. You will need explain three values that are used as moral justifications. Next, you will need to explain the rent seeking side of the diagram so that the reasoning of A and B is accounted for fully. Finally, you will need to show how the moral justifications you identified can be used to justify three specific government policies, identified from your reading, that undermine prosperity. Refer to the “Possible Final Exam Structure” diagram (below) as a possible guide for structuring the essay. Your essay should show a full and complete understanding of economics. Remember, that the policies you choose must be derived from the three moral arguments you selected, and that you must find the three policy examples from your reading in assigned class texts. For only one of the policies you chose, include a diagram and caption (like you did in the supply and demand essay for the midterm) to help explain the three economic policies. Find the diagram you will insert on the “Diagrams” page on Canvas. Your essay must have a thesis contained in proper purpose statement, and it must develop the ideas in the identified in the purpose statement in a logical, unified, coherent, robust, and complete fashion. (For a visual presentation on the meaning of the terms “paper structure” and “purpose statement,” see the diagram below and pp 18-23.) The final exam essay is a take home assignment which you may begin preparing as soon as the “Comparative Systems” lectures is on. The essay must rely ONLY on the class lectures, the PowerPoint slides, and the assigned texts for your narrative, explanations, and examples. Do not use any external sources from the internet, the library, etc. The essay must be free of spelling, grammatical, and mechanical errors. The essay must comply with formatting standards first introduced in the short paper assignment (10 to 15). The essay must cover the topic fully; there is no minimum word count for the midterm exam essay. However, longer essays, that are substantive and correct, receive higher scores that shorter essays. The final exam 8 essay be at least 1500 words (3 pages single spaced, 6 pages double spaced).

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