Character Analysis

Character Analysis

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Discipline Literature

Assignment type : Literature / Movie review 


Write a three-page, double-spaced essay in which you analyze one of the characters from one of the plays that we read.

Use an MLA-style header, in-text citation formatting, and be sure to include a Works Cited page with the play on it. We use a (Play. Act number. Scene number. Line numbers) parenthetical after each direct quote for MLA in-text documentation, e.g. (Othello. V. 6. 112-114).

You can choose a major character to analyze (like Othello or Jack Worthing) or you can choose a minor character (like Christine Linde or Miss Prism). Your analysis should discuss the three major elements of character analysis: personality, role, and character development.

The introduction needs a thesis statement that makes a detailed observation about what motivates the character, what the character’s role is in the play, and whether the character changes over the course of the play.

Body paragraphs should be supported with direct quotations of dialog from the play that support your claims about the character.

No outside sources may be consulted during the preparation of your essay, nor may any outside sources be cited in your essay.

All work will be run through turn-it-in software, so plagiarism is not an option.

See below for a detailed explanation of how to compose each section of the essay: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

Format MLA

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