Case study paper (Economics)

Case study paper (Economics)

Format MLA

Volume of 10 pages (2750 words)
Assignment type : Case Study


The assigned Apple Watch: The Launch case study describes the introduction of a new designed Apple Watch, a smartwatch, and the market for wearable technology at the time of the launch. Apple Inc. unveiled the Apple Watch in April 2015 with great fanfare, generating buzz in the media and among Apple brand aficionados.
For this assignment, you are asked to write a 5-10 page discussion paper based on an analysis of the market and decisions made by Apple for the Apple Watch launch, using the concepts and techniques we have reviewed in class (Microeconomics principle) . This paper serves as practice for your ability to identify important questions, perform appropriate analysis of the data, and write a summary of findings and/or recommendations, based on a real world business example.
As a reference, I have included some examples below of questions or ideas from the case that would be relevant to our classwork. This is not a required list of topics for you to discuss, nor is it exhaustive – you can include other aspects of the launch beyond these as you see fit.
• Was the R&D choice at Apple in designing features of the new Apple Watch aligned with the best market opportunities?
• What was the objective of the initial pricing strategy?
o Would you have argued for a higher or lower price, and why?
• How did Apple position its product in the market?
o What were their competitive advantages and disadvantages?
• How did the demand forecast for Apple watch align with revenue and cost data?
o Consider price elasticity of demand, supply and demand functions, costs of production, and marginal revenue

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