Business Quantitative Analysis


1. Each person must select a different company – first-come-first-served. Email your instructor with your company selection before you begin your blog. You need instructor approval of it before you begin.

2. You must be able to obtain company information: strategy, goals, financials, etc. 3. Your initial post should provide a brief overview of your selected organization.


For each Blog assignment, you are required to make the following posts:

1. Your data, analysis, and commentary – collected data can be news reports, Facebook postings, first-hand accounts, videos/pictures from a visit – almost anything, and any source can be used.

2. Your comments and observations on your data – which is really the important part of this assignment. You are encouraged to select a company that you can visit – in-person or virtually (web-based). You will be required to gather first-hand reconnaissance. The Blog post should generally relate to subject matter for that week.

3. For Unit 3 Blog — Using your company’s annual report try and predict how your company will do over the next year. Your blog s must include at a minimum data from one of the following library resources – Dun and Bradstreet First Research, MyIBISWorld, Statista Expert or Mergent Online and should include other sources such as market news, or analyst opinions. Be sure to connect what is going on in the market, with metrics from your company’s financials, such as cost of goods sold, interest expense – etc. Also, please remember there are no wrong predictions, as long as you can back it up!



• Your classmates will view your Blog and make comments on your postings. Each student is required to make two follow-up comments.

• Blog post must be at least 4 well-crafted paragraphs in length.

• All questions posed must be addressed.

• All sources used must be properly cited in APA form


Be sure to read the criteria, by which your assignment will be evaluated, before you write, and again after you write.







Evaluation Rubric for Unit 3 Blog Assignment

Criteria Exemplary Proficient Deficient

(9-10 Points) (7-8 Points) (0 – 6 Points)

Overview of the Organization.

Overview is clearly presented, including all key details.

Overview is presented, though key details may not be clearly or completely presented.

Does not provide an overview or the overview is missing key details.

Organizational Data, Analysis, and Commentary

Data, analysis, and commentary are clearly presented including all key details.

Data, analysis, and commentary is presented, though key details may not be clearly or completely presented.

Does not provide data, analysis, and commentary or is missing key details.

Personal Observations on the Collected Data

Personal observations on the collected data are clearly presented including all key details.

Personal observations on the collected data are presented, though key details may not be clearly or completely presented.

Does not provide personal observations on the collected data or is missing key details.

(4-5 Points) (2-3 Points) (0 – 1 Points)

Focus and Flow of the Blog Post

Post is focused and coherently integrates examples with explanations and analysis. The post demonstrates application of critical thinking and analysis of course subject matter. The post reflects indepth engagement with the topic

Post is reasonably focused, demonstrating some connections between ideas, though key details may not be clearly presented.

Post is unfocused, or simply restates previous comments, and displays little evidence of engagement with nor critical thinking about the topic.

Clear and Professional Writing and APA Format

Writing and format are clear, professional, APA compliant, and error-free.

Few errors that do not impede professional presentation.

Errors impede professional presentation; guidelines not followed.

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