Behavior Management Models/Systems

Behavior Management Models/Systems

Field: Education

Select two classroom management models from the following list to research:

Harry Wong’s Effective Classroom
Kagan, Kyle, and Scott’s Win-Win Discipline
Fred Jones Positive Classroom Discipline
Morrish’s Real Discipline
Canter and Canter’s Assertive Discipline (middle school education focused)
Jeanne Gibb’s Tribes (elementary education focused)
Select two school-wide/campus-wide behavior management systems from the following list to research:

Character Education (e.g., Character Counts, Character First! Education, I CAN Character Curriculum)
Love and Logic
Positive Behavioral Interventions and Strategies (PBIS) (a school-wide program that uses PBS)
S.T.A.R. (“Stop, Think, Act, Review” or “Success Through Accepting Responsibility”) (elementary education focused)
Based on your research, complete the “Behavior Management Models/Systems Table.”

In addition, write your personal 200-250 word classroom management model statement. This statement should include elements of each model/system you would incorporate into your future classroom management plan. Explain your selections.

Include a minimum of three scholarly references to support your statement.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the GCU Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

Behavior Management Models/Systems Table

Description of how the Model/System Actively Engages Children

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Model/System

Two Quotes that Embody the Model/System Viewpoint

Three Credible Websites that give Practical Classroom Applications, including URLs

Classroom Management Model #1:

Classroom Management Model #2:

School-wide/Campus-wide Model #1:

School-wide/Campus-wide Model #2:

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