Audience Analysis and Position Essay

Audience Analysis and Position Essay

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Audience analysis + Final draft of position essay 2– the policy essay: This is the finished draft of your position essay 2. Using the peer comments, peer worksheet, instructor comments, and your own revision tools, revise position essay 2. The position essay should make a claim of policy. The essay should begin with an audience analysis. Use the Audience Analysis worksheet (Worksheet 4) in Ch. 11. The essay should include an introduction paragraph, body paragraphs of researched evidence that defend the thesis, attention to the counter-argument, and a conclusion paragraph. The essay should be at least 10 pages and should use 10 sources. The essay should include properly formatted MLA in text citations and a properly formatted Works Cited page. Follow MLA style (see the Appendix to Chapter 12). The final draft of position essay 2 is read by instructor and is evaluated using the universal grading rubric.

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