Assignment #1 Paper

Assignment #1 Paper

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Assignment type : Thesis Proposal


Due Saturday

In an essay of a minimum of 500 words, select a proposed topic for the capstone thesis. Defend your selection decision. Please keep in mind that a common error is to select a topic which is far too broad for the time limitations involved in the capstone course. Submit in the form of an essay in APA style including a title page and 3 references related to your proposed topic. Ensure that the references are from peer-reviewed journals, government sources, other appropriate academically acceptable sources, or some combination thereof.

My Proposed Capstone/Thesis (Master’s Level Class):

The problem this qualitative capstone will seek to address is that social media platforms can be used to exploit vulnerabilities in both the personal and organizational environments. The capstone will attempt to identify specific risks and threats associated with social media platforms. and suggest mitigation strategies. The increased use and reliance of technology comprises both benefits and risks.

The attached PDF is one of the references I think would be for this Capstone/Thesis. You will need (2) more to select. Reminder that what you select will be used for the remainder of the Capstone program.

Format APA

Academic Level: Masters

Volume of 2 pages (550 words)

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