Assessment 3: Project – AIS Implementation, Monitoring, & Review Plan Proposal & Presentation

Assessment 3: Project – AIS Implementation, Monitoring, & Review Plan Proposal & Presentation


Student Instructions


This project gives you an opportunity to develop a system implementation, monitoring, and review plan for a newly purchased Accounting Information System (AIS) for a local garment wholesale company. As an accounting professional and the project leader, you are required to implement this new AIS, monitor and review this system. Finally, you have to report the management on whether this new AIS will be adopted.


In this project, you are going to make a proposal on how to implement, monitor, and review this new AIS. You have been asked to provide an informational session to management team about your proposal.


Note: This project can be completed individually or in teams of two to four members. The project will be completed by submitting a written proposal (1500 words) and a minimum 10 slides PowerPoint presentation slides. You will be required to present in the class at the end of Week 3.


Consulting Project Proposal Checklist


  1. Cover Page.


  1. Executive Summary. After writing the proposal, draft an executive summary to highlight the most important points of your proposal.


  1. A detailed AIS implementation, monitoring, and review plan. Identify potential problems/difficulties.


  1. Recommendation with Supporting Rationale.


* Learners and assessor should refer to the assessment evidence checklist & record as below:


Assessment Task 3 Assessment Evidence Checklist & Record


Learner’s ID: ______________________


Learner’s Name: ___________________________________


Performance & Knowledge Evidence






Identify and document record and systems requirements


Prepare systems documentation and implement reporting systems and records that comply with:


  • statutory requirements


  • organisational policy and procedures Knowledge Evidence


Monitor and review reporting systems


Outline the key features of statutory requirements, codes of practice and organisational policy and procedures relating to accounting systems


Discuss ethical considerations for the handling of financial reconstruction


Explain the key features of financial legislation relating to taxable transactions and reporting requirements


Outline a range of considerations for developing accounting system specifications


Compare and contrast methods of data protection


Explain the key principles and practices of budgetary control and implications for accounting systems


Explain the process and procedures for recording and storing financial data




Signed by Learner:




Signed by Assessor:



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