Assessing parents attitude towards home schooling

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Assessing parents attitude towards home schooling

Worth: 20% Refer to pages 4-5 of the textbook for ideas on some commonly researched areas in business. Once you have an idea what area or topic you would like to research on, please being working on your research report proposal. The proposal should be 20 pages maximum and must include the following information: 1. Title Page 2. Table of content 3. Abstract 4. Introduction 5. Literature Review 6. Hypotheses to be tested 7. Method and Data (for the data section please be specific about your independent and dependent variables, and where you plan to get your data from) 8. Conclusion 9. References 10. Appendix (if needed) 1. Observation as to what might be important to read and study. 2. Identification of problem area – study of the industry etc. 3. Theoretical framework for the research – study of academic material 4. Hypotheses or problem to be researched. 5. Research design – what collection method, questionnaire design. 6. Data collection – by all members, each member will collect 15 questionnaires 7. Data analysis – using SPSS 8. Data interpretation – will discuss online in the forums. 9. Report This are the questions i came up with for the questionaires , and we are to do SPSS for the answers we get from the questioniares and add everything to the essay and slide 1. Do you think homeschooling hinders a child’s development? a) Yes , b) No. 2. Why do parents decide to homeschool their children? a) Control the ideological content of curriculum b) Provide their children with what they perceives to be a good educational/social environment. 3. Would you prefer homeschooled you child if you had the chance? a) Yes b) No. 4. Due to technology advances, would you prefer to homeschool your children? a) Yes b) No 5. do you home school? Yes No questionaire is supposed to be shared among 30 people ,but it can be that you shared 30 and got 20 back or 27

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