Argumentative essay- Research paper (immigration)

Argumentative essay- Research paper (immigration)

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Assignment type : Research Paper 


Argumentative essay – Research paper of 1500 words

#The introduction should be at least 8 to 10 sentences and should be started with a hook

#The hook should be followed by either a short history, definition, or why the issue is important.

#Then, the other side idea comes after.

#Finally, the thesis statement which should include 3 points either agree or disagree with the subject, and each point will develop to be a body paragraph

???? that’s all about introducing

Each point of the three points that we have in thesis statement should form one whole page

So 3 points mean 3 body paragraphs mean 3 pages

Also, each body paragraph should contain a source !

Then, the argumentative paragraph should comes after the three body paragraphs that should be started with (in contrast, on the other hand, however,…etc)

So for the body of the essay

We have 4 paragraphs !!

Thats all for the body ??????

Finally, The conclusion

Format MLA

Academic Level: –

Volume of 6 pages (1500 words)

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