The El Niño Phenomenon.

The El Niño Phenomenon, is an actual situation in Northern Perú. Thought, it is a climate “current situation”, truth is that has been occurring for many years in the Northwest areas. Leading back in time to the civilizations of the Chimus and Moches, we see how the Chimus which was the civilization that came after the Moches but before the Inkas; constructed their main city Chan Chan which today is an archaeological site and Unesco heritage, on the lowlands and outside of what today is Trujillo city. The Moche constructed their main city and Huacas (temples) on the highlands of the region. Both of these civilization had a different outcome of the land usage and location at the times in which the phenomenon happened.


Main Idea should be focused on the following questions:


-How the Moches & Chimus use the land to construct their temple and main cities.


-Where these two civilization established their kingdom. (lowlands vs highlands) and why this might leaded their decay or success.


-How the location and the climate phenomenon affected or raised their society


-How nowadays the society populating the region of Trujillo-Huanchaco is being affected by the same phenomenon


The Moches established their main kingdom and huacas (temples), in the highlands of the region (outside what is today Trujillo), their kingdom was never affected by the phenomenon. The only construction they had in the lowlands surrounding the kingdom was used for land work and food production.


The Chimus established their main city, Chan Chan, in the lowlands of the regions, couple miles away from what nowadays is located the main city Trujillo. The Chimu kingdom has been seen as one of the most successful kingdom in the northern area, but did not last for a long time, and its main decay period is believed to happen after a climate catastrophe (El Niño Phenomenon).


Nowadays, in the same region and its surrounding (where the kingdoms were established in the past), now Huanchaco-Trujillo, one of the main coastal cities in Peru. Recently in January of 2017, El Niño phenomenon happened again, causing a lot of damage in the society. The current established society, tends to forget that this phenomenon is a past and current situation, that happens every x years. There is still a continuation of establishment in the lands that has been and will continue to be affected by the phenomenon, without intentions of understanding the consequences that this will bring.


Paper must address background information about how past civilization handled the phenomenon. As well as connection to present times.


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