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watch the video Sarah Jones: One woman, five characters, and a sex lesson from the future 

Pick three of the following questions to answer: 

1. (Messner & Montez de Oca). Explain how the authors of “The male consumer as loser” think male consumers are taught to divide women into two “types.” Why? What does that mean for them, for their intimate relationships, and for the beer and liquor companies?  

2. (Hagene). What interested you in this article? Do you agree with Hagene’s suggestion that fear of emotional vulnerability helped explain men’s actions in their relationships? Can you think of any other causes? And what explained women’s actions in these relationships? 

3. (Enloe). What industry (official or underground) is almost always associated with military bases? How does that affect relationships among the genders on the bases? How does it affect the local population? 

4. (Brennan). Brennan describes women trying to exploit the men who came to Sosue to exploit them. Explain. How did these relationships usually work out for each in the end? 

Extra credit: 

5. Which one of Sarah Jones’ characters most affected you? Why?

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