Analysis Assignment for English class

Analysis Assignment for English class

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Assignment 1

Analysis Essay

This assignment provides a transition between informative writing and persuasive writing. In life and in your career, you will often be called upon to analyze a subject, product, or project, evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, and provide an evaluation. Often supervisors will require this report to be in writing.

To write this essay, you will choose one of the products or services from Shark Tank that have been offered to the sharks for an investment (you can use one we watched in class, or one you watched on your own). You have been “hired” by one of the sharks to be a “first reader” and analyze the product or service, weigh its strengths and weaknesses, and advise the shark whether or not to invest. Although an analysis can be written in many different ways, the following formula should serve you well on this assignment:

Audience: a billionaire who has lots of money to invest, but only on worthwhile projects that will make him/her even richer. This billionaire doesn’t have the time to evaluate every investment opportunity that comes in the door that’s why he has hired you.

Purpose: advise the shark whether or not to invest, and why, and if he/she should accept the proposed offer or make a specific counteroffer.

The essay/report should be composed of three parts:

  1. Introduction: one or two paragraphs summarizing the investment offer.
  2. Body: this will be several paragraphs long and will detail the strengths and weaknesses of the project or service, using specific details taken from the Shark Tank episode.
  3. Conclusion: advize the shark to either reject, accept, or make a counter-offer and summarize why you came to that conclusion. This can usually be done in one paragraph.

Remember to use MLA format and write in a professional tone, such as you would use in preparing a report for a supervisor who has hired you to prepare such a report. Use enough details to make your point, but keep the writing tight and efficient. The shark wants enough information to understand why the investment is a good or bad one, but he/she doesn’t want to read anything longer than necessary Usually 5-7 paragraphs will do the trick. Also, your spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage must be impeccable—you don’t want to embarrass yourself to your supervisor by making careless mistakes.

Note: if you can find two mistakes on this assignment sheet, write them down and turn them in for some class participation points.

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