The restaurant that I selected actually is a new restaurant that is located around my area called “Chili Time”


The restaurant that I selected actually is a new restaurant that is located around my area called “Chili Time”.  The five criteria points I would personally like in a restaurant is great customer service, cleanliness, wait time, good environment, and pricing.

What I mean by great customer service is a waiter or waitress always checking up on my table and refilling my drinks without asking. I love when I don’t have to catch the waiter’s attention for them to refill my drink due to the fact that they are already on top of it. The great thing about “Chili Time” is the owner of the restaurant actually grew up with my grandfather when they were children. This was very odd because we did not expect to know the owner so right away we felt very welcomed and felt that we were in good hands. The waiter gave us the option to sit on a booth or a table, and of course I picked a booth. As for the seating arrangement, they had it well spread out so I did not feel like the place was cluttered by no means. As for the work ethic they provided, it was very welcoming and every time I needed something they were very rapid on getting things for my table.


As for cleanliness, the resturaint was definitely kept up with. I actually saw someone accidently spilling a drink on the floor and saw the waiter go rush to the back to get a rag to clean the mess up. Seeing this actually caught my attention because some waiters take forever on cleaning up a work station but the waiter I saw took matters into consideration and took action to clean the mess up. I say this because nobody wants to go to a restraint where it looks unappealing. I would prefer the place to be spotless since the people are preparing my food. My biggest pet peeve is to go to a food place and see the environment isn’t well dusted or the floors aren’t cleaned daily. Although the business made sure it was very tidy and kept up with activities.  But right away walking into “Chili Time” I recognized the cleanliness. The business was very clean, I did not see any dirty tables and the tables and floor were kept up with. What I mean by that is I saw a young bus boy with a mop bucket cleaning the floors when needed and the tables got cleaned as soon as a customer left.


As for my third point, I expect not to wait longer than 20 minutes for my food to be prepared. Waiting gets me very impatient and grumpy. This criteria point is the most important to me due to the fact that I get upset when I’m waiting forever and hungry at the same time. It can ruin my whole day and change my perspective on the restaurant. Good news, “Chili time” actually prepared my grilled cheese sandwich, and my grandfather’s green chili enchiladas under 15 minutes. While the server brought our food out he right away brought out ketchup for me without having to ask. This action actually saved time which I enjoyed.   The grilled cheese I ordered was served with seasoned potato wedges, along with a fresh dill pickle. As for my grandfather’s enchiladas, he got “Xmas” which is a combination of both red and green chili served on top of cheese rolled enchiladas along with a side of beans and rice.


For my fourth criteria point for a restaurant, I would like for the place to be in a good environment, and the location to be near me so I don’t have to drive miles away from where I live. “Chili time” is located on Eubank and Candelaria which is about 2 minutes away from my house. The fact that “Chili time” was 2 minutes away helped me out on gas, and also didn’t waste my time on driving a long distance. It makes me happy that new restaurants are being built around my area so I could try new food and not having to eat the same old restaurants I’ve been eating for years.


And for my last but not least criteria point, I expect for the restaurant to be affordable but yet very delicious. I don’t want to pay seventy dollars for a plate that is equivalent to one meal in my day. The food was digested within 10 minutes so we definitely enjoyed the meals that we ordered. My grilled cheese was perfect because it wasn’t burnt and the cheese was melted. Some restaurants over cook grilled cheeses and sometimes they undercook them by not melted the cheese.

As for my experience, I felt very welcomed and was satisfied with the food. The service was phenomenal, and our food was served with a smile. I would definitely come back to try new things on the menu that sounded very delicious.

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