600word flim review

600word flim review

Questions for Paranormal Activity:

1) In P1, what exactly does the demon want from Katie? Does it ultimately get what it wants?

2) Why is Micah such a big jerk in Paranormal Activity? Why doesn’t Katie just leave him for a better choice in boyfriends?

3) Why does Katie allow Micah to film her in the bathroom when it’s clear that the demon lives in the attic? Why doesn’t Micah put the cameral in the attic after discovering that’s where the demon lives?

4) Why don’t Katie and Micah just leave their home after the demon starts bothering them? I know the psychic said that it wouldn’t do any good, but he also states that he’s not an expert on demons. Shouldn’t they at least check out into a hotel and see if it confuses the demon?

5) What does the demon communicate through the Ouija board? Is fire itself a form of communication?

6) Who edits the many hours of video footage that Micah shoots, and then puts it back together to form the film itself?

7) For crying out loud, why don’t they call the police? Or the FBI or CIA? I assume that either one of those agencies would love to investigate the presence of a demon on U.S. soil!

Questions for Paranormal Activity 3:

1) What does the demon want with Kristi? Does he ultimately get what he wants?

2) Who is Dennis, and what does he do for a living, and why is that important? Why isn’t he married to Julie, after all, he does film weddings for a living?

3) Who is Toby, and why does he like to play tricks on Julie, Dennis, and Katie?

4) Why does he bite Randi after he plays Bloody Mary in the bathroom with Katie?

5) Where is Katie’s and Kristi’s biological father? Why doesn’t he ever even call his two daughters?

6) Who is Grandma Lois, and why does she want her daughter to have a son?

7) Why does Grandma Lois allow Toby to kill her daughter and marry her granddaughter?

8) Why does Toby stalk the babysitter? Why does he put on the sheet? Why is he only about three feet tall after Kristi describes him as being “very tall?”

9) How come Katie can’t remember any of this happening in her childhood in the first Paranormal Acitvity?

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