Topic Psychology of Human Development – Final Course Paper
Subject Area Custom Essay
Describe your task New task I want to submit
No.of pages/Wordcount 4 page(s)/1100 Words
Urgency 7 days
Academic Level Undergraduate
Citation Style MLA Style
Assignment Details Objectives:
-application of psychosocial theories
-compare parenting styles
-Explain theories of dying and coping

The final paper is based on the book, The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. You need to read the book and apply psychological theory to it. Specific page numbers from both the Pausch book and the textbook are required for all questions except #5. . Randy Pausch was a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, who was dying of cancer at the time of the lecture. At many universities professors are asked to give a “last lecture”, which is a professor’s lesson that he/she wants to bestow on others. Usually, the person is not dying, but in this case, it really was his last lecture.

Requirements: This final paper should reflect your knowledge of psychology as well as your own thoughts. This is not a research paper, but it is based on The Last Lecture. Please do not research the book or Randy Pausch. This paper should demonstrate your understanding of psychology; it is not a book report. Apply psychological theory or ideas. Do not just search for a related sentence and quote it within the body of your paper. That is a search and find and does not demonstrate that you understand psychology and can apply it.

Submit a paper of at least 1,200 words, but no more than 1,800 words, as an attachment through the Assignment tool. Please check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation. The only acceptable attachments are Word .doc or .docx or .pdf. No other formats will be accepted. Number your responses. Separate your paragraphs. Points will be deducted for noncompliance. Submit days early! If you experience technical difficulties on the due date it does not excuse you from submitting the paper by the deadline.

Guidelines: The following questions need to by fully explained in your paper: Use psychology to support your ideas. Do not repeat examples. If for any question you discuss an example, .eg Randy’s teaching his students, then you cannot include that example or anything related to that example in another response. Each example must be unique. Except for the last question do not use sayings or quotes from the Pausch book as examples to support your ideas.

1. Erikson developed a Theory of Psychosocial development. Due to Randy’s stage of life and the fact that he was dying, he is experiencing two stages, (a) Generativity and (b) Integrity. Discuss each stage in separate paragraphs. Provide at least two examples (per stage) of how Randy is experiencing each of these stages. Do NOT use the same or similar example twice. For example, if you use writing The Last Lecture as an example then you cannot use giving or recording the last lecture as another example. These examples are too similar. Page numbers from The Last Lecture are required. (25 points)

2. Trait theory is a prominent theory to describe personality. Using the Big Five theory of personality describe Randy’s personality. For each of the five dimensions provide a concrete example that supports your ideas and thoroughly explain how the example illustrates the personality dimension. (20 points)

3. Nissim and his colleagues conducted a study that focused on how the dying approach living. It was found that patients continue to set goals. The three themes of the goals are listed on page 541 of the textbook. Provide at least one concrete examples of each goal and explain how your example is relevant. Page numbers from the textbook and Pausch book are required. Do not include a saying or quote from Pausch as an example. (20 points)
4. Randy expressed creativity in many ways. Apply Sternberg’s Investment Theory of Creativity to Randy by thoroughly applying each of the six factors listed on page 272 of the textbook. Provide an example of each factor and explanation as to how the example illustrates the factor. Provide page numbers from The Last Lecture. (30 points)
5. Discuss any other point from The Last Lecture that was especially meaningful to you. This should be the shortest response of your paper. You do not need to apply psychology to it. (5 points)

After you have written your paper, check that you have thoroughly answered every question. The responses should be clearly indicated. Every response needs to include citations from The Last Lecture and the textbook. Note the point values of each question. A question worth 25 points should provide more detail than a 5 point question. Page numbers from the textbook as well as the Pausch book must be included. Do not use a reference without the exact page number from the textbook and the Pausch book. Make sure all responses are numbered.

Save your paper as a Word document or PDF and upload it through the Assignment tool. Only papers submitted correctly as Word or PDF attachments through the Assignment tool will be graded.

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