All 3 papers information and requirements are listed n the additional materials. REQUIREMENTS | Informal Assignment #8

All 3 papers information and requirements are listed n the additional materials.

REQUIREMENTS | Informal Assignment #8 Informal Assignment #8: Evaluation of Three Articles (10 points) Part One: Find and read at least 6 credible articles on the topic you chose for Formal Assignment #2 or on another controversy that is present in The Laramie Project. The articles you find must represent a range of different and competing perspectives on the issue that you are researching. For example, they must fall along different points of the continuum between one extreme and the other. You may use other credible articles, however, if you wish. Make sure that you focus on a single controversy. Some possible topics include: what kind of town Laramie is, hate crimes and/or hate crime legislation, the media’s role in covering or sensationalizing crimes, the death penalty, and religious views toward homosexuality. Part Two: Evaluate three of the six articles that you found, each of which offers a different perspective on the issue. For each article that you evaluate: 1. Briefly summarize the argument and analyze its rhetorical features in depth. 2. Do you agree or disagree with the argument? Why? If you disagree, can you think of a good counterargument? (Be as specific as possible.) 3. Evaluate the article’s rhetorical effectiveness. In your view, what about it works? What doesn’t work? Explain your answers with references to specific passages in the text. Try to be as specific as possible in explaining your own reactions to the ethos, logos, mythos, and pathos of the essay. 4. Which of the author’s rhetorical strategies do you think you would be most likely to employ or avoid in your own advocacy? Combined, the entries for the three readings should be about 3 pages in length. Complete this assignment (Evaluation of Three Articles) and SUBMIT it electronically via the ICON “Assignments” page (“Informal Assignment #8”) or using the link provided under “Module 4.” See Course SYLLABUS for assignment due dates. Instructions on how to submit assignments (file upload) can be found HERE ( ! After submitting this assignment, move to the reading material posted under “Formal Assignment #4.”

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