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Discipline Psychology

Assignment type : Essay


Due 6:30 tommorow (eastern standard time)


Disscuss a child or adolescence, any one from pop culture (so you can pick any celebrity), someone from literature, or you can even make some one up who exhibits psychopathology/ mental illness.

The paper should have:

1.APA format (including sources)

  1. Three original peer review refences- You have to pick the mental illness and I find the peer review for you I will be available 24/7 and will answer asap to answer your questions and find the peer review. you can contact me at

3.Atleast 5 theories discussed in class: By theories my professor means definitions/ mental illness we discussed from chapter 13. The chapter will be attached to this. Within the chapter I have put an orange square around the words we discussed. You can pick any of those words and use towards the child, celebrity, or whatever made up person.


Page 1- Should be the cover/Author note

Page2- abstract

Page 3 -introduction ( it can be 1/2 page-1 page)

Pages 4-8- to disscuss the paper and include the conclusion at the end

Page 9-refrences

Format APA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

Volume of 6 pages (1650 words)

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