2 History Paper Edits Due 12/18/17-6 Full Pages Each

2 History Paper Edits Due 12/18/17-6 Full Pages Each

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Discipline History

Assignment type : Research Paper


Dear Writer, Please read instructions thoroughly and post your bid.

You will edit these papers into Six full pages each, not including the cover page and reference page. Must be in APA Format.

Below are the professors’ instructions and the questions that must be answered in paper with in-text citations.

1st Required Reference-Marcus Rediker, The Slave Ship (available online as Kindle book for $9.99)

2nd Required Reference-Steven Tischler, Making Sense of European

History to 1914

1 Essay-

Explain how the operation of a slave ship reflected the strategies and outlook of those

who supported the goals of a market economy/capitalism.

Reading Assignment: Rediker, The Slave Ship (all)

In your essay, you should



treatment of Africans (the “product”)


relationship between the captain (the “manager”) and the crew (the “labor




construction and function of various parts of the ship itself


kidnapped Africans resisted their captors

2nd Essay

How did

the unrestricted right to own unlimited amounts of property create enormous

wealth and poverty simultaneously in Western European countries?

How did competition over the

acquisition of private property lead to technological change (changes in the

way goods were produced) and the expansion of Western European businesses and

business techniques to other parts of the world?

Reading assignment: Tischler, Making Sense of European History

to 1914

Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5,

6, 7

In your essay, you should


why and

how businesses were transformed from the guild system to domestic manufacture

to the factory system

how this

process ultimately impoverished small producers (in domestic manufacture) and

wage earners


British industrialists felt compelled to find additional markets in other

regions of Europe during the 1830s and 1840s

why the

success of the Free Trade Movement created a crisis of its own by 1873


Any and all additional references used must be verifiable and from reputable sources such as scholarly journals.

The ($9.99 Charge for the Kindle must be calculated into your bid if you are using that method of the ebook). I will deliver a 5-star rating if returned by the deadline and in compliance with the professor’s instructions.

Format APA

Academic Level: Undergraduate/Bachelor

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