Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence
The Intelligence of E-CRM Applications and
Approaches on Online Shopping Industry
Sample Proposal for Thesis Research Presented in
Fulfillment of the Research Requirement for the PhD
Degree in Computer Information Systems
1The Intelligence of E-CRM Applications and Approaches on Online
Shopping Industry
In recent years the researchers started interesting on electronic services
specially customer relationship management which pronounced as CRM. Their
studies still have been developing until using internet applications and services with
CRM to be Electronic Customer Relationship Management which pronounced as E-
CRM. According to (Grover, 2011) E-CRM is enterprises using IT to integrate
internal organization resources and external marketing strategies to understand and
fulfill their customer needs.
Electronic CRM (E-CRM) is the electronically conveyed or supervised subset
of customer relationship management. (Romano, Nicholas, Fjermestad, & Jerry,
2009) It concerns all types of supervision relationships with clientele when using
information technologies. It takes place from the alliance of the basic CRM with the
e-business applications marketplace and covers the huge variety of information
technologies that are utilized to assist an organization’s CRM plan. The complete
objective can be viewed as efficiently managing the various interactions with all the
customers and interacting with them individually. As rationally all the CRM packages
2use certain IT, the words like CRM and E-CRM are used simultaneously by a lot of
people. (Romano, Nicholas, Fjermestad, & Jerry, 2009)
An E-CRM system helps organizations to identify the actual costs of winning
and retaining individual customers and increases customer loyalty. This allows the
firm to focus its time and resources on its most profitable customers. On the other
hand, (Torakh and Mjidi, 2010) discussed that the detailed information obtained from
the E-CRM system allows the company to know the customer behavior, in other
words; more effective marketing. It also improved customer services, greater
efficiency, and cost reduction. Time is considered critical element in online shopping,
if we could reduce time of delivery and response from administrator to the customer
we will get satisfaction from the customer, this will appears in using the web site of
online company.
Our research importance is to put strong strategies for developing customer
services online. In this research I want to find the most suitable plan and methodology
to manage customer needs based on the applications of E-CRM. It represents new
methods to bring customer loyalty by persuasion the customers with online shopping
and their items. The using typical application of E-CRM using Intelligent Data
Mining techniques to both serve the customers and utilize all possible opportunities
that may gain from the customer.
3Data quality:
Talking about data quality with E-CRM intelligence and their
Literature Review
Many studies tried to present new methods in using E-CRM to enhance
customer relationships either using traditional ways or technical ways, we focus on
those studies that suggest using information technology. According to (Lee-Kelley,
2003) he proposed a study provides evidence of how to improve planning for
customer management by Presenting and testing a Conceptual model of the process
by which the implementation of electronic relationship marketing (E-CRM), can
enhance loyalty. While building their search frame work, price sensitivity was found
to be a primary confounding element on loyalty and was included in the study for
control. An exploratory study of Internet retailers, e-retailers, and their customers was
conducted and the findings revealed that e-retail companies (with CD, DVD, video
and book products )should consider customers perceptions of relationship marketing
efforts , as they are fundamental to enhance customer loyalty and that an enhancement
of customer loyalty reduces price sensitivity.
Furthermore (Kim and Zhao, 2008) suggested study concentrates on
customers’ cognitive beliefs, affective experiences, and cognitive behaviours in
4order to propose an integrated framework for E-CRM that identifies a series of
linkages among the psychological variables of perceived value, satisfaction, and
trust. In addition, three key exogenous variables affecting shopping experiences
are considered for the integrated framework. Trust is regarded as the key factor
affecting customer relationship commitment. Perceived value (as a cognitive
belief) and satisfaction (as an affective experience) directly and indirectly
influence trust (as cognitive behaviours) and commitment.
Referring to (HarkutandSadar, 2010), they proposed building a framework,
showing a possibility to personalize e-business processes by adapting the interactive
system to customer preferences. The paper has empirically tested the critical factors
that influence an individual’s decision when buying products or services online. The
proposed model applies Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy model to converging business
processes to get the desired results based on the gaps found in the literature.
The system is adaptive as it uses a neural network learning ability for its adaptation.
The online customers only have access to the storefront and can seek
information on goods and services, order as required, pay and receive their
product. Access to the back-office is reserved to the online-shop administrator. On the
other hand (Grover, 2011) advanced CRM and customer relationships, and how E-
CRM can be added to traditional marketing concept. Also, Grover examined problems
that can accompany an E-CRM implementation and how to avoid them, moreover, the
researcher advised to use web applications to serve customers online considering
these applications as smart systems to gain the customer loyalty.
Also, proposed a life-cycle that considers a customer as a centre point, it
includes Marketing Management, Sales Force Automation, E-Commerce, Customer
Support Services and Back Office Analysis. (Tarokhand, 2010) discussed the effect of
5customer relationships on the airlines industry and in which areas can CRM support
the airlines, they also tried to suggest a suitable technology to support CRM in
airlines. To find the best strategy they built a CRM architecture form a major schedule
airline, the processing required to capture data from operational systems, building the
data warehouse and adding value to that data through business intelligence; and the
transaction system processing appropriate to the business function. This process can
enhance the airline passenger services and bring the customer or passenger loyalty. In
order to accomplish the online customer acquisition and sustainability, the E-CRM
uses standard techniques. As Tarokh, 2010, stated that such techniques consist of four
steps: (1) amuse new and present customers to site (2a) give rewards to arouse action
(2b) get the customer information to maintain relationship and (3) preserve dialogue
using online interaction (4) sustain dialogue via offline communication
Tarokh, 2010 claimed that the plan of accomplishing the online customer
relation management should initiation keeping in mind how to acquire customers who
want to interact in such way. It should be known if the customer is new or the present
one. The objective is to fascinate the new customers the site using all the traditional
techniques of site promotion like search engines, portals and banner ads, as well as to
amuse the present customers the plan is to very actively motivate them to visit the
website via marketing communications.
According to Liljefors, 2011 the usage and ease of online shopping followed by the
decreased economic costs, consisting of time and effort present in recognizing the right
thing, price, handling the expenses and service quality are the aspect that impact a
customer’s contentment and as a result find out their priorities. Kelley, Gilbert, Mannicom,
2003, said that the significance of service quality as a fore runner of the customer
contentment. According to Kelley, Gilbert, Mannicom, 2003, about 67% of the customers
6do not go back to an organization due to “poor service experience” with other aspect like
price as well as product problems being less important. The information about the basic
motivational E-CRM aspects at every step of the transaction cycle that impact the
consumer’s online shopping attitude recognized from this analysis would be to increase and
gain our potential to comprehend the complicated process of doing business online. This is
not important just for the organizations selling goods and services on the Internet, it is also
significant for the software and Web developers expecting to develop a consistent consumer
base for the e-commerce in the near future. (Reichheld, Markey & Hopton, 2000)
The major functions among many of the eCRM tools is to gather information about
the customers, hence an organization must take into account the wish for confidentiality and
data protection, along with legislative and cultural traditions. A lot of clients priorities the
assurances that their data will not be provided to the third parties without their consent and
information and that the protection will be there to prevent any unlawful access by the third
parties. According to (Reichheld, Markey & Hopton, 2000) they highlight that the four
major dimensions: trustworthiness, website plan, and customer service and security
concerns. Though the past studies on the E-CRM drivers has not been able to identify the
two major dimensions, it tells us that reliability is positively impacted by: confidentiality,
navigation and presentation, suggestion, order acceptance, community aspects, absence of
mistakes and protection transaction security, website assets and navigation operations
reputation, information choice strategy and privacy concerns (Reichheld, Markey &
Hopton, 2000) assumed communication and contact knowledge plan, visual plan as well as
navigation plan; order completeness, website plan as well as confidentiality usage of
website, protection and confidentiality, rate of download, product knowledge quality, as
well as aesthetics characteristics.
7Problem Statement
All previous studies discussed the customer loyalty; how to bring customer
loyalty for buying from the shopping company or any other company in general, these
studies also tried to present the most suitable strategy for increasing the quantity of
selling in any marketing line, there were several problems in a management and
technical management to bring trust from the customer and fulfil the customer needs.
A customer is the last user of a company’s goods or service. The Consumer behaviour
consists of the procedures that consumers experience to recognize their requirements.
As a consequence when trying to resolve such requirements, there is a requirement for
making a buying-decision, evaluate the information, makes the plans and incorporate
the plans by comparing some of the variety of products or buying a product.
There is a shortage of theoretical models for those E-CRM aspects that may impact
the online loyalty. In addition there is a shortage of analysis that emphasis on the E-
CRM aspects linked with various s steps of the transaction cycle. It is a fact that the
major online higher reward, compensate and expedite the cross-selling and customers
concern is how secure and having control of also rescue organizations of the huge
expense linked with security of their data in online shopping. (Sirdeshmukh, Singh &
Sabol, 2002)
The purchasers expect identifying the buyers. Due to these various advantages
that organization’s website which they do online shopping linked with customer
relationship management, CRM will provide few of the ways for security of the
financial data exchange. This consists of one of the major aims of the present day of
organizations. According to (Sirdeshmukh, Singh & Sabol, 2002) mostly the
customer concern about the protection is leading think to website users to decision
8that E-CRM potentials provide an account of utilization of the ICT during online
NB: Although businesses understand the need for greater intelligence powered
by analytics, they are often not able to achieve their goals within the e-CRM
NB: A recent study says customers see CRM systems as boosting
customer experience, but data quality and predictive analytics still loom large.
Research Questions
This research will answer the following main question:”Does E-CRM
application enhance the positive customer relationship and online shopping and
provide data quality to companies?”During answering this main question the
following sub questions will be answered which will be reflected on the revenue and
behaviour development:

Does E-CRM intelligence system provide a reliable data quality to Companies
and the online shoppers?

Does Information Technology especially the Web Applications improve data
quality from the E-CRM intelligence system ?
9Research Motivation
Many of online shopping companies suffer from lack in the annual revenue
and no confidence between those companies and the customers. Customers want a
trusted online shopping and good services especially in data mining process and
retrieve the data in/from the database. Build a smart web based e-commerce platforms
are important by using E-CRM application to find out the solutions of the online
shopping. All these because lack data quality from E-CRM intelligence system
Research aims
This research aims to describe Intelligence of E-CRM Applications and
Approaches on Online Shopping Industry. The research provide a better
understanding of their customers and assist them in developing excellent E-CR M
strategies which can best serve customers on the internet. The research also aims to
improve data quality from E-CRM intelligence system and develop a conceptual
framework to that and explains how pre purchase, at-purchase, and post-purchase E-
CRM features influence the E-Satisfaction of customers when buying online. And
how design and applied it to help Companies can more reliable decision-making
Research Objectives
10The objectives of the study are:

To explain how Improve data quality in The Intelligence of E-CRM

To explain the impact of electronic customer relationship management
Intelligence on consumer’s behaviour

The Effectiveness Of The Intelligence E-CRM Application In Enhancing
Positive Customer Relationships

To suggest for successfully developing and implementing a Rules for E-CRM
Significance of the Study
This study can add a new value to online marketing using Intelligence of E-
CRM and proposed framework, this compatibility between them should cause
comfort and secret shopping for the online customer and good management for the
online company. The main focus of this research was to realize a better interaction
experience between the companies and the e-CRM system. The proposed framework
and improve algorithm are aimed at enhancing data quality for e-CRM systems. This
research will add new value in the academic researches
Scope of The research
11This research will take all the online shopping companies and services
companies to provide information and data to customer. And other online websites
and online companies can benefit from our system strategy that uses E-CRM in new
for more reliability decision-making
Research Methodology
The research method is regarded to as the theory of the research and the
purposes for the way the research has been planned. The methodology clarifies the
research question and the reasons why the question is significant. It demonstrated the
initiation of the research, the directions of the research and the general implications of
the research when it is fully done. As methodology demonstrates the literature the
researcher is utilizing, the language or the terms, the linked theories and details that
are being used, the techniques and kinds of study that will be used to evaluate the data
and information gathered. (Franklin, 2012)
Research design
The research design is the basis of the whole research procedure. As the
research issue was well explained and the all the measures linked to the study are very
well developed, the research fits very well as an explanatory research design. The
study tries to explain the Intelligence of E-CRM Applications and Approaches on
Online Shopping Industry by improve data quality and used software or design
Framework to make assignment new for example
Methodology and Design
12A qualitative method will be employed for the purpose of this research. The
qualitative research was the suitable technique, so as to gather the needed data, as the
specific research characterizes a full and detailed view as well as comprehending the
process in the research. (Franklin, 2012)
Justification of Paradigm and Methodology
Selecting the most suitable research method is the most significant initial
research plan. This chapter will see and asses the research paradigms to recognize the
most appropriate paradigm of this research. A traditional method tells about the
philosophy of the information whereas the methodology emphasis on the rationalism
of how we come to know. (Berg, 2009)
According to (Berg, 2009) the hermeneutics and phenomenology are the
philosophical foundations of the evaluative research. As (Berg, 2009) recommended
that the interpretive researchers initiate with the belief that the access to actuality is
not such via social development like language, consciousness, as well as shared
meanings. In comparison with the positivist research, the emphasis suggested that
interpretive researchers start out with the belief that access to reality is only through
social constructions such as language, consciousness and shared meanings. In
comparison with the positivist research the interpretive research is completely
complicated about the human sense or human meanings that make of events. As
13suggested by Franklin, 2012 the laboratory tests, formal theorem proof, and case
situations, are few of the research techniques that are used within the positivist basis
however the action research, grounded theory, ethnographic studies, case studies as
well as Meta studies are used within the interpretive research.
Data collection
The data will be gathered by the means of secondary data sources such as
online sources, books, the updated journals, magazine, business reports as well as
newspapers. Dataset from company to analysis it ….etc.
Qualitative research
This study’s objective is to understand customer reactions upon interacting
with the E-CRM application. Through this methodology the system static processes
can be and corrected with an aim of making it flexible Dych
. The study will
be objective to the reactions of the customer after using E-CRM application. Under
this realization the qualitative approach thus allows the possibility of developing
flexibility Dych
. Through the utilization of the integrated approach scientific
method complements the qualitative approach. The scientific method acts as a bridge
between the qualitative and quantitative designs. The qualitative design helps in
developing a research question that will enable the researcher to design and test the
hypothesis (icets&Kachidze, 2012). The rationale for our research is the effect of
intelligent E-CRM applications on customer feedback .
14The qualitative research is the technique that is actually linked with the social
constructivist method that focuses on the socially developed nature of the reality. It is
all about recording, studying and trying to uncover the more in depth meaning and
importance of the human attitude and experience, consisting of the contradictory
attitudes as well as the emotions. (Franklin, 2012)
Quantitative research
The process
The technique by the qualitative researchers seems to be inductive that is that
they create a theory or tend to see for a sequence of meaning based on the data that
they have gathered. This consists of a move from the particular to the general and is
usually termed to be a bottom-up technique. But most the research projects also
consist of a particular extent of deductive justification. (Berg 2009)
Secondary research
The secondary data is termed to the data that is gathered by someone other
than the user. The common resources of the secondary data for the social science
consists of the census, the company records as well as the data that is gathered with
the assistance of qualitative techniques or the qualitative research. The basic data in
comparison is gathered by the investigator who is performing the research. The
15secondary data study helps in saving time as well as money for the researcher (Berg
What level of risk is your research?
There is no harmful thing or danger when doing the secondary research. The
one thing that the researcher has to be cautious is with respect to being prejudiced.
The researcher must be objective with the secondary stated things and should abstain
from being non-partial in any situation.
What are the ethical implications of proposed research?
The research will be done in such a way that the researcher complies with the
ethical guidelines of the University. The research shall not may any harm to the
respondents of the research or any other person that assist in the research. For
example, any knowledge that is taken from this research shall be considered as
confidentially and not to be provided for usage to any state of affairs.
This proposal suggests different way in using E-CRM to enhance performance
of the online companies in presenting services to the customers, special the online
shopping companies. Here the proposed research could find new methods in
managing the shopping web sites using technical management instead the traditional
methods. Moreover, this proposal increases the confidence between the company and
16the customers to get the customer loyalty and therefore increase the quantity of
selling. (Grover 2011)
Knowing the customer’s requirements at every stage of the purchase would
assist the organizations to tailor their E-CRM aspects in respect to the requirements
and enhance the customer purchase intention when purchasing the services or
products online. Surely, on the Internet, clientele who are displeased may easily move
to any other service provider, therefore customers have to at least be pleased with the
service previous to making a choice to revisit. Afterward, better service quality and
confidence will impact his/her intent to revisit and/or to stay loyal. (Grover 2011)
‫ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ‬ ‫ـــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ‬
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