Research Essay: Cause & Effect on Drug Addiction

Research Essay: Cause & Effect on Drug Addiction

Format MLA

Volume of 1 page (275 words)
Assignment type : Research Paper

Need a reference page with (5 sources) and in text citations (quotes/examples).


Students will complete a 600-700-word minimum (not including Works Cited) research paper/project, including at least five sources. It is worth 30% of your final grade. The topic is cause and effect. You will need to start your research with a visit to the library. You can go to the Atascocita campus, other Lone Star campuses, or on line. Ask the librarians about the available databases, how the databases can assist with citing, all the library resources that may be available to you, and provide you time to look through the databases You will need 3- 5 good citations, quotes, in the research paper. The Cite Page will have 3-5 sources you used for research.


1. Develop ideas with appropriate support and attribution following standard style guidelines in documenting sources. (MLA). The paper is to be in MLA format.
2. Read, reflect, and respond critically to a variety of sources for use in your paper
3. Write in a style appropriate to audience and purpose.
4. From research, collect information, record it and organize for use in the paper.
5. Develop a detailed outline to include Thesis, key points, counter arguments, and conclusion.
6. Drafts should be written and reviewed for content
7. Use edited American English in academic essays and MLA format.
8. Consider the Writing Lab for help!!!!!
9.. Outlines are to be consider part of your final grade along with the essay. You will also have a separate Cite Page attached to your essay. If you DO NOT hand in a research paper, you will FAIL the course

The Research Paper: Key Parts
Title: Introduces the topic of discussion to the audience
Generates reader interest in the argument
Try to grab attention by offering a provocative image picking up on words or examples offered in the body or conclusion of the paper asking a question

“With Fracking, What The Frack Is Up?”

Argument: involves the process of establishing a claim and then proving it with the use of logical reasoning, examples, and research

I. Introduction: Generates the audience’s interest in the topic offers a plan for the ensuing argument

Introduction: Tell them what you’re going to tell them
Let’s the reader know the main idea of the paper
Answers the question: “What am I trying to prove?”
II. Body:

Body: Tell Them
Body paragraphs build upon the claims made in the introductory paragraph(s)

Organize with the use of topic. Sentences that illustrate the main idea of each paragraph.

Offering a brief explanation of the history or recent developments of topic within the early body paragraphs can help the audience to become familiarized with your topic and the complexity of the issue.

III. Counter Argument

It demonstrates your credibility as a writer–you have researched multiple sides of the argument and have come to an informed decision.

Offer a counterargument after you have articulated your main claims.
Effective Counterarguments: Conceding to some of your opposition’s concerns can demonstrate respect for their opinions.
IV. Conclusion:

Conclusion: Tell them what you told them
Your conclusion should reemphasize the main points made in your paper.

Chapter 45 Developing a Research Plan
I. Conducting Research
A lifelong skill is important in college, work and your personal life.
It can be complex; In the old days, you had to look on shelves for paper based books, article etc. A static source.
Today, many more resources, electronic form, a fluid source. What is good today may change by tomorrow.
More active look up, search, evaluate, integrate from moving target, information.
Research project requires information literacy – capacity to handle information – critical reading, thinking and decision making.
II. Writing from Sources
Need to develop a focused research question
Consider the Rhetorical Situation
Purpose – What is goal of research question – inform, argue, analyze
Audience – To whom are you writing, professor, classmates, what do they know, what opinion are they likely to hold, how do you want them to respond?
Stance – what is your attitude to topic, how do you want to come across? Curious, Positive, Critical
Media/Design – What media will you use, PowerPoint, charts, slides, other visuals?
Develop a research schedule and build an archive (see page 436 “Scheduling A Research Project”)
Develop an answer based on research
Then write!!!
Aim to persuade audience to consider, respect, or act on your answer.
III. Generating Ideas for Research Paper
Explore Your Territory: get a broad overview of your topic
Begin in the Library: Lone Star as we discussed
Go Online:
– Interview experts
– Refine the purpose of your research in light of what you discovered.
– What is required of you? Compare, evaluate, summarize, argue.

Turing a Topic into A Question- Narrow the Topic
Move from broad to specific issues
i.e. – Family structure
– Blended families
– How do blended families today differ
From those a century ago?

Size Up Your Question
Is your question debatable?
Is it interesting?
Is it narrow enough for productive investigation?

Hone your question
Make it specific and simple
State well-crafted question to help define research
Refine as necessary; if as you do research and there is too much info then refine it; if it doesn’t move you refine it or look to another topic.

IV. Recording Information

Relative information from reliable sources to support your question

Take copious, accurate notes, highlight, annotate
Photocopy judiciously and index for Citing

Write down Paraphrases and quotes

Read skeptically to record only that information germane to your research.

Start an archive to file copies, save computer files, save bookmarks

This will provide information for integration into your paper

Draft a Thesis
Write a Draft
Peer Review and Edit

Research Essay: Cause and Effect on Drug Addiction
I. Introduction
A. Introduction:
What is drugs?
What is drug abuse?
Statistics on drug abuse
B. Thesis Statement:
II. Body
A. Low self esteem
B. Peer pressure
C. Lead to irrational behaviors: social problems
III. Effects of drug abuse
A. –financial problems
B. –relationship problems
C. –health problems
IV. Counterargument
A. Acknowledge the other side on how some drugs are helpful in health conditions: Example? Marijuana
V. Conclusion
A. Why drug abuse can destroy life

Writing Your Research Paper

I. Planning and Drafting

Gather material from library, internet, and field sources. Your research has been thorough and you know the answer. Now to write the paper

A. Thesis Method

1. Thesis Method: Sum up your work in one sentence. That is the Thesis, your one main idea.

a. Now start drafting keeping this idea in mind.
b. Use only material that supports this plan.
c. Start an Outline – Thesis, Intro, Body, Counter Argument, Conclusion

II. Using your Sources to Support Your Ideas.

You will need to refine your notes into an essay. You will probably cycle again and again through four basic activities.

1. Interpreting the material captured from your sources

a, Refine notes into your thoughts
b. Does material support your idea?
c. Do you need more evidence?

2. Refine your Thesis

a. A thesis is a clear statement of your idea
b. It must be clear to reader
c. You must clearly state your thesis in the first or last sentence of first paragraph
d. For example:

Topic: American’s attitude toward sport
Research question: Is America obsessed with sports?
Thesis: The nation obsession with sports must end

3. Organizing your ideas:

a. Begin with a clear research question, select and organize your evidence to answer it

4. Putting your thoughts into a Draft:

a. Your outline is a working plan
b. Compare each section with your notes
c. If you seem to lack notes to prove a point, either think of another point or seek more evidence
d. For example:

Thesis: America is obsessed with sports


College sports and stories of payoffs

Parents pushing kids to play sports

High school kids using performance enhancing drugs

College athletes not graduating


Students believe being an athlete more important than studies. Americas push children to be athletes when only a fraction has a chance of getting a college scholarship and even less will make it to the pros.

III. Beginning and Ending

1. Build to Your Finish: Build to a strong finish, present your evidence and save best argument for last

2. For Example:

Kids are being harmed by national obsession for sports

Begin with a real event

Explore the event

State your Thesis: Obsession for sports must end

Support your thesis:

Then end with a rousing call to action

3. Sum up the findings of others:

Start paper with scholarly findings of other scholars on the effect of sports on kids.

Build your argument based on these findings and present facts

IV. Revise and Edit

Look over your draft to see if you make and prove your point. If you see essay changing, do not be afraid and look at a new perspective

1. Are your points new and different not regurgitating another’s
2. Do your points support your main idea?
3. Does each new point follow the one before? Is argument getting stronger?
4. Do you need more or better evidence?
5. Are your summaries and paraphrasing accurate and clear?
6. Are your sources clear and accurate?


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