RELIGION IN LOCATION PAPER (RLP) PHR-121 Religions of the World Each unit of this course provides a general introduction to the theoretical, practical, and sociological expressions of a religion. But religions only truly exist in the particular, embedded in diverse cultures which transform religious expressions in various ways. Furthermore, each religion also exerts influence on that culture, on its educational and political institutions and artistic expressions. In this paper, you will explore this intersection of religion and culture by researching the CURRENT concrete reality of an individual religious tradition in a specific country. Paper Overview. Investigate and report on the lived reality of a specific religion we are studying


this semester in a country other than the United States. Your paper must include:


  1. a brief description of how the religion came to be practiced in that country (not a full history – just the beginning of the tradition there). [200-300 words]


  1. a brief summary of the distinguishing particulars of the sub-tradition or denomination of the religion in that country – for example, if reporting on Sunni Islam in Saudi Arabia, how are Sunni beliefs/practices different from Shi’ite? [150-300 words]


III. specific examples which demonstrate how religious beliefs or practices concretely impact the education, politics, and daily life of people living in that country. You may also include the impact of religion on the country’s art & architecture. [750-1000 words]


Instructions A) Choose your RLP topic. Complete some preliminary research before you decide on a country


and a religion, to ensure you are able to find the information the paper requires. Some guidance for that research will be provided in class.


As you consider your RLP choice …  Choose a country other than the United States. Additionally, “Judaism in Israel” and


“Hinduism in India” are not acceptable.  Every religion we have studied has multiple branches (or movements or


denominations). For this paper, you will select ONE branch in that country. For example, if you want to research “Islam in Iraq” or “Islam in Lebanon,” you must specify Sunni or Shi’a Islam. If you want to research “Christianity in Mexico,” you must specify Catholic or Evangelical (Protestant) Christianity.


  1. B) Report your RLP choice on Moodle. You will upload a document which includes:


 The name of the specific branch of religion and the country.  An MLA-formatted Works Cited list of at least three sources, not including encyclopedia-


type sources, where you have already found helpful information. Below each Works Cited entry, write a sentence explaining what kind of information you have found in this source.


As you prepare your annotated Works Cited list …


 Only ONE of your three items can be a reliable online source (NOT Wikipedia or Note that a print source (like the New York Times newspaper, Time magazine, or a scholarly journal) which you access online counts as a print source.


 Your list must be MLA formatted. Use or


Sample Annotated Works Cited List for “Orthodox Christianity in Russia” “Russia – The Russian Orthodox Church.” Country Studies. U.S. Library of Congress, 1 Jan. 1998.


Web. 12 Jan. 2015. This website provides information about the unique features of Orthodox Christianity and lots of historical information.


Schultze, Sydney. Culture and Customs of Russia. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 2000. Print. This book provides information about Christianity in the everyday life of Russians.


Macfarquhar, Neil. “Putin Strives to Harness Energy of Russian Pilgrims for Political Profit.” The New York Times 3 Aug. 2014: A4. The New York Times. The New York Times, 02 Aug. 2014. Web. 12 Jan. 2015.


This is one of many articles in the New York Times explaining how religion and politics interact in Russian today.


  1. C) Complete your research. Make sure your sources represent the CURRENT reality of the religion in the country. Your final Works Cited list must include at least five sources (PLUS your textbook), three of which must be print (i.e. not online). If you are using any online sources, choose reliable ones, not Wikipedia or If you have personal experience of religion in another country, you may use your own observation or interviews as ONE source, but the majority of your paper should rely on library research.


  1. D) Write the Paper. Drawing on your research, present the information requested in the Paper Overview above. Follow the word count expectations for each section, with the entire paper totaling 1100-1500 words. Make sure that you include an appropriate introduction and conclusion for your paper!


As you review your paper …  Make sure your paper is typed in a standard 12 pt font, double-spaced with 1 inch margins


and numbered pages. Proofread your paper for clarity, organization, and grammar and spelling errors. Type your name, course name (PHR-121) and an interesting paper title on page 1. Include your word count in () at the end of your paper.


 Summarize the information from your references in your own words; use direct quotations sparingly. For BOTH summaries and direct quotations, provide in-text parenthetical references to let your reader know the source of your information. Use or for help formatting in-text citations and the Works Cited list.


 Save your paper as a .doc (Word) or .rtf (Rich Text Format) file and include your name in the file name (i.e. JDoeRLP.rtf). Upload your paper to Moodle using the RLP link.


RLP loses 1 pt for each day it is late. After the 4th day, no late papers will be accepted.


Plagiarism or cheating on this assignment includes:


 Someone else writing all or a portion of your paper.


 Submitting a paper you wrote for another occasion.


 Quoting or summarizing from a print or online source without appropriate citation.


Your paper will be submitted to the website, which will reveal if you plagiarize. The O you will then receive for the assignment will pretty much ensure you fail the course.


Student Learning Objectives and Assessment Criteria for this Assignment This assignment supports three of the course’s Student Learning Objectives (SLOs): You will enhance your ability to (SLO 1) identify and analyze the basic perspectives and characteristic practices of the major religions of the world; (SLO 4) analyze the relationships between religion and other aspects of human culture such as science, philosophy, art, and politics; and (SLO 5) locate, evaluate, and use effectively information from a variety of relevant sources.


Rubric for Religion in Location Paper (out of 20 points)


Excellent Satisfactory Unsatisfactory


Topic Choice


Appropriate choice of religion and country


submitted on time: 1 pt


Religion choice incomplete or slightly late:


1/2 pt


Religion choice very late or not submitted: 0 pts


Includes MLA-formatted 3 item resource list, with explanation of potential use of each source: 1 pt


Includes resource list but improperly formatted, OR lacks explanation of usage OR correct sources: 1/2 pt


No resource list, or lacking two qualities


from “satisfactory” list: 0 pts


Intro & Conclusion


Intro & conclusion present and appropriate:


2 pts


Missing introduction or conclusion: 1 pt


Missing introduction & conclusion: 0 pts


History Accurate explanation of


how religion came to country: 2 pts


Mention of how religion came to country, but


lacking important details: 1 pts


Little or no background of how religion came to


country: 0 pts


Branch of Religion


Accurate account of branch details: 2 pts


Some mention of branch, but lacking important


details: 1 pt


No mention of branch: 0 pts


Specific examples


Clear, concrete details of how religion impacts daily life, politics and


education: 8-7 pts


Lacking details of how religion impacts EITHER daily life OR politics OR


education: 6-4 pts


Lacking details from multiple areas of


religion’s impact 3-0 pts


Quality of writing


Writing is detailed, clear, coherent, and error-free:


1 pt


Writing is detailed, but less clear or coherent


and/or some grammar, spelling, etc. errors found


– 1/2 pt


Significant problems of clarity, organization,


grammar, and spelling present: 0 pts


Citing of Sources


In text references present throughout paper, plus a complete, well formatted


Works Cited page meeting all


requirements: 3 pts


Works Cited list not properly formatted and/or


lacking print sources and/or missing in-text


references: 2-1 pts


No Works Cited page and no in-text


references: 0 pts

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