Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

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Instructions are also given as inst 1 & inst 2. Moreover, you have to write the literature review from the annotated bibliography. There are four articles in the annotated bibliography. In the thesis statement, there should be three or four subtopics you have to add in the thesis statement. So that you can discuss in the coming paragraphs, Please write it very carefully. The length is approximately 3 pages and citations different page. plz read the instructions carefully like intro, body paragraphs, conclusion too.
Outdoor education
Annotated bibliography

Cooley, S. J., Burns, V. E., & Cumming, J. (2015). The role of outdoor adventure education in facilitating group work in higher education. Higher Education, 69(4), 567-582.
This article gives evidence that group work activities help to better the benefits reaped from outdoor education while this needs cooperation and teamwork. Also, group work outdoor education assists in conducting problem based, collaborative, cooperative, and active learning. According to the three authors, organized outdoor education has been found to be a successful method of in-group-work skills transfer and which is an effective method of peer learning as well as skills development for the learners. Assuming the success of group-based skills transfer and dishing out assignments in groups, the trio has found that institutions have failed to monitor or manage the skills transfer and have reduced the effectiveness of group learning. In their research, the authors sought to establish how group-based outdoor learning helps the learners and the skills or attitudes that are developed, how to build better outdoor work groups and to integrate such groups for better results. In a summary, the authors discover that the tutor for outdoor adventure education should ensure support networks and unity among the students and with them. This would create positive attitudes of confidence and assertiveness among the group members and transfer knowledge and skills between the learners as well as create a team spirit. This article will be used in discussing how to use groups during outdoor education to transfer knowledge, skills and enhance learning.

Mutz, M., & Müller, J. (2016). Mental health benefits of outdoor adventures: Results from two pilot studies. Journal of adolescence, 49, 105-114.
The article investigated the benefits that arise from outdoor education and the potential of such education to improve the psychological wellness of a student or a learner. It was preconceived that this education improves the judgment of the learner and that it improves the mental capacity as well as the mindfulness of the person who engages in it necessitating such a program for the school children. The program reduces stress and enhances conscience. The article sought to cement the potential benefits arising from outdoor education as an academic program and to define the specific contribution of outdoor education to the overall academic wellbeing of the student. Using two studies, Michael and Muller found out that in summary, outdoor education effectively enhances the resilience of the adolescent and the wellbeing of the partaker, hence the need to engage in outdoor activities. This article will be important for the study in discussing the mental and self-efficacy benefits of outdoor education and linking the specificity of the program to the fruits thereof.

Prince, H. E. (2017). Outdoor experiences and sustainability. Journal of Adventure Education and Outdoor Learning, 17(2), 161-171.
Research indicates that human activities today are not sustainable, in the long run and may affect the future generations negatively. Additionally, there is a positive correlation between learning experiences through outdoor teaching and the general understanding of the concept of environmental sustainability. However, it is unclear how such a correlation occurs. This article explored the relationship between outdoor education and environmental sustainability consciousness. In a nutshell, the results indicated that the outdoor learning activities promoted pro-environmental behavior as the learner sought sustainable lifestyles. Also, mentors and educators play a major role in imparting the environmental consciousness to the outdoor learner, thus, cementing the concept of skills and knowledge transfer. Prince Heather shows that the outdoor learning creates empathy in the learner towards the environment, adding on to the existing knowledge on the benefits of outdoor education. This article will be used in discussing the practical benefits of mentorship and teaching within the natural environment and environmental consciousness and empathy as an example of practical knowledge and skills transfer.

Sutherland, S., & Legge, M. (2016). The Possibilities of “Doing” Outdoor and/or Adventure Education in Physical Education/Teacher Education. Journal of Teaching in Physical Education, 35(4), 299-312.
The west has held outdoor education as a social and welfare activity with the US, Europe and Scandinavian people among other nations targeting at making a better society through the establishment of social societies such as scouts and camping groups. Research indicates that most of the outdoor education is conducted in the natural environment. This article sought to unravel the manner in which this activity; outdoor education, has been conceived and rationalised or conducted in the western countries using a developmental approach, historical analysis and to bridge the gap between outdoor learning and its benefits which is the mode of conducting the activity, the missing gap. In brief, the researchers found out that the western countries have borrowed from historical outdoor education developments to derive practices that are situational and contingent to the prevailing problems that are to be solved. Also, found out was that reaping the benefits of outdoor education calls for active outdoor activity and education. This is important in studying this topic as it will establish the mediation of outdoor education and unravel the secret between the education and the benefits thereof.

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